wonder any1 posted this b4?

so how are the current market prevailing burners supporting this media?
LG4163B A100

Benq 1620pro supports 2.4x

TDK1612DLB supports 2.4x

TDK1616DLN flashed with nec3500 2.18 beta11 f/w
2.4x supported.

MSI DR16-B M1.4

Plex716a 1.02 supports 4x writing!

tdk1616DLN 2.C8 supports 2.4x only

Nice results! How about a TR test on a fast DL reader?

Thanks! that looks pretty good :smiley:

Now we need RICOHJPND00 at the price of RICOHJPNR02. :bigsmile:

made in taiwan

Made by RITEK and it has provisional approval by Philips licesncing and is supported really by most dual layer burners (unlike RITEK’s own DUAL LAYER MEDIA)