Ricoh DVD+R discussion


does that new 411s fw help with +r burns on ricoh media?

anyone else have anything to say about this media or discuss scan from the DVD Media Tests?

I’d say the answer is yes.

RICOHJPNR00 burned at 2.4x
this is the only Ricoh DVD+R that I really trust yet, the 4x media seems pretty variable.

that is nice!
i hope a fw upgrade comes out for the 401s!

The media’s GR8

I bought a 50 pack of Fuji which DVDInfo ident as RICOHJPNR00. I burned on my NEC1300a and they playback perfect on my Pioneer not one bad disc. However on my Apex (don’t have the model in front of me but it is the 3 - disc changer) they pause 1 or 2 times durring playback. Here is a couple of tests run with DVDInfo on one of the Apex pausing discs. The first is tested on the NEC burner and the other on my LiteOn DVD-ROM drive. Bad burn? Bad Media? Or can I just assume the Apex is the issue?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Here is the test off my DVD-ROM drive:

I’d blame the Apex. The slowdown on the DVD-ROM drive is not unusual, it might indicate some increase in errors or might not. Are you burning the media at 4x or 2.4x? Recommend 2.4x, that media has been very dependable here, much more so than the 4x stuff.

Using DVD Decrypter I only burn these at X2.4. Also should mention that I am using the orginal 1.05 firmware on the NEC. Wasn’t going to update what seemed, to me, to be a clear issue with the Apex. I read somewhere in DVDrHelp forum a moderator mention that Apex disc changer had pausing issues with DVDr playback. However that was the only time I have heard anyone complain. Whenever someone makes this kind of complaint it is normal responce to blame the media.

Thanks for the info rdgrimes. Should I keep testing media on the NEC (the drive I burned from) or the DVD-ROM?

Thanks again.

You will note the difference in speeds between the 2 drives. I’ve seen very few DVDR/RW that test well at 8x.

well im not sure about the NEC but with most drives a newer firmware is better…

but if there is no way to go back to the older version… that sucks

i have the same apex 3 disc changer it is a apex 5131
it only skips when the PIPO is above 200 in kprobe… but that does not help you much at all! :frowning:

i can go back and find those that skipped as i still have them and scan then with dvd info pro…

ive found that the apexs skip bad with any finger prints but they are pretty resistant with scratched cds/dvds

im burning the RICOHJPNR01 at 4x and im getting no skipping on my last 5 burned movies…

siliconsoul, thanks for the information.

Don’t know what the differences between RICOHJPNR00 and RICOHJPNR01 media. As for firmware, I have contemplated an upgrade but my only problem is with the Apex. With good test results and my Pioneer playing perfectly I fear a slim chance the upgrade would help. I am also nervous about creating new problems that did not exist.

The RICOHJPNR00 is the earlier version of the Ricoh +R, and is much better IMHO than the 01. Every batch of the 01 that I’ve had has been very different in quality.

yeah 01 is worse i have to scan every disc and check the video ones in the dvd player to make sure they do not skip.

but ive been lucky the last few burns! :slight_smile:

Side comment, just hate when I can’t enjoy the film but glare at it waiting for an artifact or pause, anticipating that GOTCHA!! Afraid that even blink my eyes for any length of time I might miss a trouble spot. Then after I get everything perfect I remain shell-shocked for countless burns afterwards from the problems I just overcame. I guess I am just weird.

That is the beauty of the RICOHJPNR00 and my Pioneer, 0 bad 0 playback problems and have burned well over a 100.

id post a thread in the recording thread seeing if anyone has updated to the newest firmware and if it works good on their dvd players.

just hate when I can’t enjoy the film but glare at it waiting for an artifact or pause

I’m thinking you maybe need less caffeine, or better movies?