Ricoh DVD+R discussion

Discuss the ricoh DVD+R media scans here!

just link to the images

I see quite a bit of variation between the Ricoh batches, even with identical ADIP. But there are several versions of the 4x Ricoh, and even some 2.4x that will burn at 4x in the 401.

To answer your other questions, the DVD standard is to scan at 1x, but I find that just TOO boring. 2.4x scanning seems to be usually very similar to 1x, and 4x is not very bad either. The 401 will scan at 6x CAV if set to “Max”, which is no faster than 4x CLV and seems to produce a lot more errors.

Set ECC sum = 8 to match the standard.

The last Ricoh scan I posted was from a batch that Memorex sent me, and as you can see it’s quite good. Do you suppose they “salted the mine” there and sent me some extra-good stuff? It has the same ADIP as all Memorex 4x that I’ve had.

BTW, I too have noticed that burning at 2.4x does not always produce better discs with some media, with others it does.

yeah they sure have “salted the mine” because those are the best scans yet!

okay so do it at 2.4x or 4x do not click on max checkbox…

PIPO sum 8 ECC

since ive tried the 411s crap i can not get a disc to burn 2.4x or 4x that has ECC 8 to stay under 200

so i might have a good reason to buy the 411s or goto the pioneer or something else… :frowning:

do you think this is a total media issue or what?

well i just did it without max selected and 4x and ECC 8 adn i got a scan under 100

maybe it was because max was selected and im getting good burns and stuff… but i was getting bad blocks in dvdinfopro on some discs… but im just lost at this point…

For some strange reason K-probe may show different error results when realtime chart is enabled :confused:

Try to have realtime chart enabled and read at 4X CLV.

btw Here is a scan of a RICOHJPNR01 (ritek branded) disc written by memorex dual-x:

Notice that ECC sum is set to 1 for these scans and the disc is scanned at 2X (the only CLV setting om my combo drive)!

And another disc (arita brand):

And here is one written by plextor PX-708A at 8X!!! Same reading settings. (arita brand):

well i scanned the same disc 4 more times and i got one close to 500 then 200 then 400 then 150…

so im thinking my drive is screwed… so im going to buy another drive… im not sure is im going to go pioneer 106 but the cdr burn speed is slow… plextor but the price is high… or 411s or another 401s because their price is so low and liteon seems to fix things… with firmware in the long run! I hope!

everyone’s opinion matters to me … almost everyone here is interested if the dvdr burns are good and going to read or play in dvd players…

For some strange reason K-probe may show different error results when realtime chart is enabled

Karr has always said that using the real-time graph will lower errors because it’s using processor time or some such thing, not using it is supposed to be more accurate.

okay now i would like to know if you guys think the 411s is burning ricoh and othre media better than the 401s?


Looks to be much the same over all on DVD+, maybe slightly better in some cases. Considering it’s the same drive, that’s not much of a surprise. Given a couple firmware updates, the 411 should be very good.