Ricoh DVD+R 4x

is it good ? i mean izzit grade A and are stable ?

normaly they are very good, i have used well over 200 mainly arita brand.

what brand are you considering buying?

Arita brands came from Ritek!

Ritek own Ricoh and Ricoh`s quality control is far better then Ritek.

so your point is?

Ricoh is one of the best media.

Not lately. Very inconsistant as of late. Just like a lot of the other media out there except TY or Verbatim.

yep the 8x & 16x is not a patch on the 4x R01 that for me a lot of others was bullet proof and cheap for the time when verbs and ty were a lot dearer than they are now.

Nope… Ritek doesn’t own Ricoh, sometimes Ritek use the Ricoh dye R04 and Ritek use the G04… But the point is, that ARita is a Ritek brand and not Ricoh brand… Like I have mentioned before…

RiData is a Ritek brand too, but you could get RICOHJPNR01 media from em.

Let be a little bit more specific: according to you.
To my experience
Ricoh is still one of the best media in the market.
And if we speak about media quality, you mentioned Verbatim. What is your experience with “Made in India” Verbatim?

Hey alex… I’ve not had the opportunity to try any India made Verbatims although if it’s Moser Baer, which is the only India media that I’ve seen, I’d like to. But it hasn’t shown up in my part of the States as of yet. Sounds like you’ve seen it. What do you think of it? All I’ve seen is made in Taiwan and is the ONLY made in Taiwan media thats been worth a shit that I’ve used. As far as the Ricoh, yes that has been my experience along with quite a few other folks here on this site. Then again, those people are also from the states so that may have something to do with it. I’ve gotten 1 tub of 100 TDK’s that were RICOHJPNR02’s that were fabulous. Other than that tub, I’ve had several tubs of 50 Ridata’s that weren’t any better than CMC Mags which to me was very dissapointing.

Yes, I have seen “Made in India” Verbatims. They have been sold in Europe for some months now. Not tried yet, and most probably I won’t. My experience with Verbatim lately (“Made in Japan”, Mitsubishi Chemicals, DVD+R 8x) were not the best, to my surprise. We discussed the Verbatim-Mitsubishi Chemicals-Taiyo Yuden correlation it in this thread: