Ricoh Dual Layer Media (RicohJPN D01)



MID = RICOHJPN D01 067 (43h)

How do people find this Ricoh Dual Layer. Its rated at 8x but my LG4163 and BenQ 1620 will only burn it at 2.4x. It is the inkjet printable media.


I’ve got some Infiniti-branded, and to be honest it’s not terrific IMO. My LG E10N will only support it at 4x (and that might even be a default strategy, meaning it may not support it at all).

The LG won’t even start a burn, but at least my Sammy SH-S182D and Litey 165P6S will complete an 8x burn.


Last time i had tried Ricoh Dual Layer media my Lg4163B failed to even start and my BenQ 1620 had problems changing layers, i was hoping this might be another make or different mid. This was marketed as Aone Full Face Inkjet Printable 8x. I got this media hoping it would be CMC or Ritek, it cost me £7.50 for 10 so not a big loss. The guy in the shop said he had no problems using Pioneer or LiteON with this media.


The Aone are fake Ricoh DL discs, made in China. Verbatim should be the first choice, followed by HP & Infiniti, then real Ricoh branded Ricoh DL discs :slight_smile:


Good to know. Is the burning Q even that good?
Inverse Stack is growing up it seems…


Who actually makes the fake Ricoh Discs then? And are their any scans. I know you can get fake single layer media i didn’t know they have now factories able to reproduce fake dual layer as its much harder to make DL.


I think UmeDisc Hong Kong uses RICOH media codes for their DVD+R DL but I’m not sure whether they’re behind all these fake RICOHJPN D01.


Hehe…the first layer is quite good, then it all goes to hell on the second, very pretty colours and a crappy TRT :wink:


You can search under ‘Playo’ for scans, myself and a few others have posted some scans in the bargain basement forum in one of the recent Playo threads. They aren’t very good discs naturally, some of my discs are usable but they’re tough to use. I will say that some of the coasters that I was getting with them was caused by a poor power supply, though they’re still troublesome discs. The first two spindles I used were ok, the third has massive errors after about 6GB though (though still readable in most drives). I only bought them to try out when they were extremely cheap, and even at that price I doubt I’d buy them again.


Yeah i was suprised how cheap the Dual Layer discs were £7.50 for tub of 10. They are rated at 8x speed.


And it seems a lot of people are selling them just type into google Aone DVD+R Dual layer.


Thanks, so nothing really improved yet for them. :frowning:


I scanned it with Qscan with my BenQ 1620 and the graphs looked pretty good didnt go over the thresholds set.


But is a wasted £7.50 if they dont work.

I bought a pack of 10 & have had 4 out of 4 failures. Seems the 2nd layer won’t write properly and vails to verify ( testing with DADFAB & Roxio) .

I tried watching one burn anyway in a standalone player , it seemed fine at first & the picture screwed up compltely at about 90 mins ( round about where 2nd layer starts I guess ). I found a file compare / verify utility and used that to compare with the original disc - that told me that VOBs 1-4 on the copy were fine but VOBs 5, 6 & were not.

So after wasting the 1st 3 trying to write 6+GB I figured maybe I could use the rest for single layer ( 4Gb) backups but when tried a simple 4GB DVD, that failed to verify also.

So the other 6 are going in the bin.

mine were branded datawrite & sold by, who told me that they were “very good”

They have the RIOCHJPN D01 067 code.

DVDidentifier tells be that they should support a 2.4x burn as well as 4x and 8x but both roxio & DVDfab willl not burn them any slower than 4x.

previously I’ve used Verbatims for DL but can’t find them much under £2 each nowadays.


I had a few misses with Datawrite DL Ricoh code. The 8x ones went through ok at 2,4 but i was out of luck at 8x. Atm i have some HP CMC coded 2,4x discs and they seem fine for less than 1 £ each. I only use them for fun - i have no clue if they work over time (and i don’t care). I save everything of interest on DVD5. You can still get 5 top discs for same price as one MKM :wink:


Hehe same here :iagree:

And I have a real fear of anything that’s labelled “Datawrite” anyway :wink:


Ricoh DL seems to be very manufacturer dependant.

Ricoh made in japan stuff - The good stuff, problem is that the support on some drives isn’t as good as it should, but the media itself is quite good. With the right drive clearly a option if you can’t get verbatim.

MBIL -Even more drive dependant and lower quality as the japan stuff but still decent.

Ritek -Quite hit and miss stuff. Still there is quite some lower grade dual layer media on the market when it comes to the Ritek made stuff.

Faked code stuff - I’ve seen decent fakes, fast degrading fakes and fakes which are horrible. This is pure gambling. But sometimes it might be worth to try out. I’ve seen decent fakes for as low as 6 euro’s for 10 pcs which worked perfectly as XBOX 360 back ups. For 0,60 euro a xbox 360 can scratch up some disc’s ! :cool:


Faked code stuff - I’ve seen decent fakes, fast degrading fakes and fakes which are horrible. This is pure gambling. But sometimes it might be worth to try out. I’ve seen decent fakes for as low as 6 euro’s for 10 pcs which worked perfectly as XBOX 360 back ups. For 0,60 euro a xbox 360 can scratch up some disc’s !

That’s great for destroying you laser lens. I had some Ritek (blargh) and it felt like they where being fragmented on 360, since than, only verbatim is allowed to enter…


What software did you burn with at 2.4x ? I ask because I can’t get that option, I only get 4x or 8x options within DVDfab & Roxio. It could be my firmware but i’m not going to mess with that just to support some crummy discs! The previous batch of Datawrites tht worked ok for me had red tops, the current cheap bad ones have white printable tops and no branding at all so they may be fakes.

I plan to try the HP CMC ones next, and like you I save mostly to DVD5 anyway, as it’s cheaper & more reliable ( & verbatim DVD5s are cheap enough)


I’m sure it was my Optiarc 7170 which has all speeds available. The 2 other internal drives in my main PC (Pioneer 112 & Plextor 810) only support the Datawrites at 2,4x :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s a fw thing. I usually use imgburn, copy2dvd or nero and available speeds are the same :wink:

[I]From IMGBurn

Current Profile: DVD+R DL

Disc Information:
Status: Empty
Erasable: No
Free Sectors: 4.173.824
Free Space: 8.547.991.552 bytes
Free Time: 927:32:74 (MM:SS:FF)
Supported Write Speeds: 2,4x

DVD±R DL Boundary Information:
L0 Data Zone Capacity: 2.086.912
Changeable: Yes

Physical Format Information (ADIP):
Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-02
Book Type: DVD+R DL
Part Version: 1
Disc Size: 120mm
Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified
Number of Layers: 2[/I]