Ricoh DRD-4XPC + Enzo DVD+R

Hi all,

I’m new here…and new to the world of DVD Writers…I have just purchased a LiteOn 811S. The excellent forum helped me in making my decision.

So to my 1st question…

Has anyone used a brand of DVD+R called Enzo? you can get them here in New Zealand at if so anyone know if they are any good?

My next question… I purchased a Richoh DVD+R disc (The back of the case says its a DRD-4XPC & the front says for Data…looks like its imported from Japan (as is most stuff here in NZ)…The little bit of english text on the back says to use DRV -4XPC for video use. My main purpose for getting the dvd writer is to master and produce my DV home movies…and the odd dvd movie back up. The selection of good media is very poor or very expensive here in NZ. Has anyone used the above for movies with success?


hey mate

not really relevant to your post, but regarding QMB computers store:
the ARITA 2.4X DVD+R discs they sell are infact RICOHJPN-R00-01 and are of great quality!
very cheap too, only thing is they charge $10 for shipping if you’re not in Auckland

might be worth checking it out if you’re after some good quality media

Thanks for your quick reply Trigger!
I am only about a 15 minute drive away from QMB (as long as it’s not in the rush hour traffic :slight_smile: ) … I appreciate the tip! I notice that you can get the arita 4X +R’s in the states…I asked the staff at QMB if they will be getting any and they didn’t know of the them…they also didn’t know that the LiteOn 811s could burn @ 8X on some DVD+R …isn’t it great when you go into a computer store and tell them the info!! :slight_smile:


Arita 4x will probably be something else
need to get the 2.4x ones specifically, they’re better quality (make sure you burn them at 2.4x too)

you can check the DVD media tests, you’ll see the 2.4x Ricoh discs are way better than the 4x ones

I bought a bunch of ProdiscG02 discs that turned out to be pretty crap quality and would only read in my ps2 if I burned at 1x
I got some RitekG04 discs which worked good from but were rather pricey at $5 per disc. Note these work great when burned at 4x but if you burn them at 1x they’re as good as Prodisc burned at 1x
however the Ricoh discs I got from QMB (arita dvd+r 2.4x) are even better quality

so yeah make sure you get the 2.4x Arita discs I linked, not other ones since I’m not sure what other ones are (will most likely be totally different Media code/manufacture ID)

I use Pioneer a06 DVR-106D drive with 1.07 firmware btw

I bought 200 of these from QMB and had no problems burning at 8x on a Liteon 811. But they have run out now and the have got some Cyq’ve DVD+R which are not as good. Anyone no where I can get some more Arita and are 8x disks available in NZ?