Ricoh develops component that reads Blu-ray & HD-DVD discs

I just posted the article Ricoh develops component that reads Blu-ray & HD-DVD discs.

 This didn't  take long! Ricoh may have just saved the next gen optical storage, by creating  an optical component that can do it all!  This single lens can read Blu-ray, HD-DVD as well as CD and...
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great news:) wouldnt mind a pc drive that reads and writes both formats.

Well, it’s BAD if we get a thing who can read both. It will only keep the HD DVD Format alive longer. And we don’t WANT IT :slight_smile: It’s small on capacity, slow and more expensive medias :stuck_out_tongue: You know i’m right :stuck_out_tongue:

its gunna take atleast 2 yrs until 1 format dies though.

Looks like BluRay will die. :slight_smile:

Don’t you think a development like this could allow both formats to survive?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t there licencing issues whereby the Blu-Ray and/or HD-DVD consortiums prohibit dual-format drives?

The only formats I know that died are: Audio Compact Cassette… Betamax… LD… So what war format are you talking about? A war of products with more than 10 yrs old? :+:+:+

Audio Compact Cassette arn’t dead yet. :g

Great news! Thumbs up for RICOH!