Ricoh develops 8 layer 200GB optical disc

I just posted the article Ricoh develops 8 layer 200GB optical disc.

to a story over at New Launches, it seems Ricoh has been busy and along with help
from Tohoku University, figured a way to increase the amount of recordable
layers in an optical…

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Why’s this new. Blu-Ray already have a working quad layer 100gb disc in their labs. The spec allowed upto 8 layers for 200gb.

This is what I am wondering as we were told even as long ago as CES 2005 that 8 layer Blu-ray was no problemo! Frankly, I am a bit surprised at this news, so I put it up because they say in the quote that beyond 2 layers, things get dicey with current techniques…

i think that there’s a big different between an 8 layer disc being “No Problemo” and actually have it with data recorded on it… and i don’t know why, but i feel more comfort having such media developed by Ricoh…

90% of the world is happy with CD and DVD so all the rest can piss off.

I look forward to watching a movie with 8 layer-break pauses in it!

Haha! Hopefully they all have buffers this time around! I’m sure Denon will do it!

Firstly, Im not happy with CD. In fact, not long after DVD had been established I gave most of my bulk cd-rom collections away because I feel that CD-ROM will eventually suffer the same fate as 1.44MB floppy discs and become utterly worthless. And as far as I am concerned they have reached that point. And with Blu-Ray and/or HD-DVD on the horizon I will be more than happy to do away with any blank DVD’s I have once Blu-Ray and/or HD-DVD become established, stable, and economical. Which shouldn’t take all that long. If someone can develop an optical storage medium similar to Blu-Ray or HD-DVD that holds 200GB of information per disc I am more than ready.

90% of the world is unhappy without computers because they don’t have one. Progress is relative. That you are happy with CD doesn’t mean the others should, too.