Ricoh CDR in North America

I asked this question before but it was buried in a post with a bunch of other questions so it kind of got lost in the shuffle …

Anyone know of any source of Ricoh CDR in America/North America? I don’t care if they’re the Ritek-made ones, as long as they’ve got the Ricoh ATIP. A friend of mine gave me several about a year ago and my Premium loved them, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

I think Ricoh withdrew from the US CD-R market even before I started using CD-R back in 2000, and I doubt you’ll find any from any retail outlet although Ricoh started selling its own branded DVD+R/RW media on their website early this year:

or maybe you are interested in paying $6.99/disc for its RR product-encrypted hybrid CD-R disc. I believe Maxell branded CD-R media are very good and they are either made by Ritek or Taiyo Yuden depending on the package, also widely available in the US retail stores. Just my two cents.

Svp have stock of richo cdr under the ridisc brand Im guessing these are ritek made but not sure