Ricoh announces DVD+RW, CDRW and CDR in one!

I just posted the article Ricoh announces DVD+RW, CDRW and CDR in one!.

Ricoh built a drive that is capable of writing CDR’s, CDRW’s and DVD+RW. Well that’s nice. It’s even nicer that the DVD+RW discs are usable in standard DVD players (standalone, DVD rom,…

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Well, nice thing, but it seems that Ricoh is a bit late with introducing this technology. Because, at the CeBIT 2000 they already claimed they would introduce this new technology at the end of 2000… :* To make things more clear, I’ve taken some time to re-upload the old article of Recording Underground visiting CeBIT 2000. And in that article, almost at the bottom, (in red) you can read that statement again. Want to have a look? Here it is: Now, what will be the plans for next year?? :8