Ricoh 4X +R 100, $20 at Allmedia

I don’t know if these are good or not but some of the Ricoh I have used is pretty decent. Perhaps someone who has experience will fill us in.

Coupon code is ricoh4off. I have bought 4 times from these guys with never a problem but watch out for the shipping as they have raised the rate on these to cover some of the coupon savings. Shipping to the midwest is high at $8.60 and if you add another 100 it goes to $11 so it’s not too bad.

Assuming they are RICOHJPN R01, which I’m sure they are, they are some of the best discs around. If you are into faster burns, they burn great at 8x on all of my burners and I’ve seen great burns of them at 12x as well.

Thanks. I kind of thought they were a good deal. I just noticed the coupon knocks $4 off each 100 you order so two 100 stacks are reduced by $8. Makes the shipping a lot less a problem.

Found a good link to a scan. I certainly hope these are R01s.


Owners of BenQ 1640’s should check to see if media is recognized by their burners - before ordering (my 1640 will not burn Taiyo Yuden TYG01 -R 4x media)-


Yeah, I’d probably buy some but I already have more DVDs than I know what to do with. In my experiences with these discs, I would consider them every bit as good as TY discs I’ve used. If anyone has a need for high quality 4x +Rs, these are a perfect alternative to something like the ‘value’ TY discs that get hyped to death. Like if you have an older 4x burner or a +R DVD recorder, this would be a great choice.

Mike speaks the truth. I looked at the firmware and these are not supported in 1640 firmware either. Actually, as near as I can tell, there are no 4X medias supported by this drive at all. Lazy BenQ bums. :rolleyes:

I wonder why no one has mentioned this before? Mike has mentioned his problems with TYG01 but no 4X media at all! You would think someone would have raised the roof before now.

reason being most of this media is not being used anymore so why support something that is not going to be around for very much longer, sad but true

I can see their misguided logic. It’s just that I have never seen anyone else do this before. Fortunately they haven’t dumped 4X for my 1620.

Anyone looking at the 1650 should probably be warned they might need an older burner as well.

Yeah, I noticed this when I got my drive and ran the FW through MediaCodeSpeedEdit. Zero 4x or slower media codes supported that I recall, other than rewriteable and DL media. :rolleyes: 4x support would be nice, but then if you asked Benq they would probably suggest that Solidburn makes up for this :disagree:. But then you have the limitations for only 6 slots between known and unknown media with Solidburn - I have about 10 different 4x media coded discs still…

Oh well, I have several other burners to choose from for slower media at least.

bigmike7, how do TYG01 discs burn on the 1640? Are you saying they don’t burn well? And are faster than 4x speeds not supported, even after enabling Overspeed? I’ve burned a couple of different 4x discs on my Benq 1640 so far, one being generic SKC, and they burned well despite not being ‘officially’ supported by a specific write strategy in the firmware.


My 1640 will not burn the Taiyo Yuden 4x -R TYG01 - period!! I got an error every time I tried - I now burn it on my LiteOn 1693s or my NEC 3500a-


You can add support by using MCSE :slight_smile: , rename an unused media, then swap in the write strat you want to burn with. I have some T01, but haven’t been using it, so I cannot suggest a code to use, but its simple trial and error.

That’s REALLY bizarre. I’ve burned generic 4x -R discs and some 4x +R discs, no problems. Have you tried burning them with Solidburn on? Not having specific write strategies for older media is annoying but not entirely unreasonable, but failing entirely in burning what is well known to be some of the best discs available, that’s NOT acceptable. I take it that your problem with TYG01 has been confirmed by other owners of Benq 1640 drives? I’m going to have to test out some other 4x and 2.4x discs with the 1640 now… :confused:


Look at the ‘chas0039’ #6 post above-

He explains it very well (as usual)-


Hmm, I did mentioned it a few times in the BenQ/Plextor forums a couple months ago, but I guess I skipped Mike’s problem. Sorry Mike-

Coasters with BenQ 1640/PX-740A and TYG01
TYG01 is not supported by BenQ 1640

Anyway, RICOHJPN.R01 is supported by BenQ1640 fw BSGB but not with their newer fw.

Explained what very well? I find it very strange that the 1640 chokes on TYG01, as I just pointed out I’ve used other unsupported 4x discs with the 1640 with no problems, including SKC crap. I’ve known since the day I got my 1640 that it has zero write strategies for +R/-R media in its current firmware. But as I said it hasn’t prevented me from burning unsupported 4x media including SKC crap just fine, so I find that it can’t burn TYG01 really odd. As I asked before, have you confirmed that other owners of 1640’s have serious issues with TYG01? I’m not asking about whether it has a write strategy or not, as I said I’m well aware of this.


Please read the posts above - this problem has been shared with our members for months-


Yo, I have read the posts above. Have you read any of my posts? :confused: I’ve said multiple times now that my 1640 is burning unsupported 4x media great, don’t you find it a bit odd that TYG01 is giving you errors and will not even burn? I ask this in the general theory that high quality media would at least be burnable, given the fact that other unsupported discs, including crap, burns fine. AGAIN, THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO WRITE STRATEGY SHOULD NOT BE REASON FOR QUALITY MEDIA LIKE TYG01 TO BE COMPLETELY UNBURNABLE… With crap media I can understand, but with TYG01?

My point was simply that it seems VERY strange that good media like TY would give severe problems, it’s strange that yourself and others have found this to be an issue with this media.

To illustrate my point, in contrast to TYG01 being unburnable:

Unsupported SKC 4x on Benq 1640, a great scan considering it is crap media:

Unsupported RICOHJPN R01 disc I just burned on Benq 1640 at 4x, the PIF spike at the edge was caused by a scratch on the edge of the disc, the PIFs were below 400 until the spike at the edge. Also an average jitter of 7%, the lowest jitter level I’ve EVER burned by far. P.S. - that’s what these discs for sale are, for anyone wondering about their quality.:

AGAIN, I find it baffling that TYG01 is unburnable despite having no write strategy, as you can see it not only burns other unsupported discs I’ve tried, it excels at it. I’m not questioning that it is an issue, I’m just commenting how strange I find it.

P.S. - sorry chas and bigmike for wandering off the subject of the thread, I was getting carried away with how odd I found that TYG01 would cause such severe issues on the 1640, I just wanted to share that I hadn’t had anything approaching the TYG01 issues with other unsupported discs, so it seems very odd that it occurs with some of the best media available. :doh:

scoobiedoobie is definetely right that unsupported 4x media should be able to burn successfully on BenQ 1640 using its DEFAULT writing stategies. Whether the quality scan is good or not it depends on many things. I remember now why I didn’t follow up Mike’s problem, because I couldn’t think any other things, or the right word is there are many factors involved and was too lazy at that time.

However interesting this discussion is, I think it might be better if Mike bump up his old thread in the BenQ forum since this is basically not a technical sub-forum. I believe that Mike is already settled to finish-up his TYG01 with other burner? But who knows if he is curious now. :wink:

Yo Z-

Yup - Even tried crossflashing to EW164B with firmware BEFB and the TYG01’s still wouldn’t burn - at all - error message stopped the process with every attempt - so since I use my media for backing up my movies - and quality is my top priority - I gave up and am successfully burning them on my 1693s and 3500 with 93 to 97 Quality Scores - so I’m satisfied to finish my supply with these burners-



Due to the glowing reports over the years on the Ricoh 4x +R media - and this killer price (I got mine for $26.05 delivered - per 100) - I have bought 200 - primarily for my new DVD recorder hooked up to the cable TV-