Ricoh 4x DVD+R problem?

Greeting folks,
I just run a few freshly burned DVD+R’s through Kprobe2 and results are not very encouraging. Or am I misreading the charts?
The pic attached is not the worst one. Wiith Ritek 4x DVD-R’s I was getting spikes by the end of the scan, and DVD+R is behaving in opposite.
The discs I am using are from (Ridata 4x DVD+R).
Could someone explain to me what could posibly cause this?
Should I stay w/ so much appreciated Ritek 4x DVD-R from the very same newegg?

Thanks in advance.

Kprobe2 scan result

P.S. I should probably mention, I use Lite-on 411S@811S HS0K. Before firmware update Krpobe2 scan results wre the same and worse…

First off, you scanned the disc using an incorrect speed in order to compare with other users here.
Rescan the disc at 4X and post your scan here.

Also make sure to specify what speed you burned the disc at.

Interpreting PI/PIF error scans

Yep, after rescan the pic(at the right) is different. But the other disk has quite similar pattern as original disk.

I am not sure if I shold continue to buy those disk…

the second scan looks a little better did you burn it at a slower speed? Ive heard ridata from newegg are good disks…dont know first hand though.

not sure why your getting high errors what speed you burning these?

if your thinking of buying new disks from newegg i would suggest these

they are Taiyo Yudens…about the best you can buy :wink: