Ricoh 16x DVD+R can only be burned @ 4x with 4120



Need some help. I just bought these 16x Ricoh DVD+R and when I tried burning, the max speed is only 4X!!! My drive is (still) on A104. Any thought from you experts there?


any ideas out there? would really appreciate your help on this…TIA.


what a waste of 16X media. update your firmware?


if you got 4120B…please update your firmware to A115/116…

then you can burn them in 12X


i just updated my firmware to A115 last night and tried again but still the same…maximum option to burn is only 4x. the media code is RICOHJPN R03. How will I know if the disks are fake? anybody knows the serial number series to verify if the one i bought are genuine ricoh disks? thanks by the way to those who replied.


If you go through the latest FW A116 media code list as posted by Andreapappy in his thread
the 16X media are not supported by 4120B.


thanks for the info FactFinder. i will try to return the item to the shop and just settle for different brand.



isn’t it a shame that LG doesn’t support 16x media at reasonable speeds (8x or 12x) on the 4120B? This device is not even a year old and already crap because it offers no suitable strategy for current media, can you recommend a manufacturer with a longer-lasting firmware support?




GSA-4120B is at least 15 months old and does support many currently available media. GSA-4160B firmware of the latest probably supports some 16x DVD media that are not properly supported in GSA-4120B firmware even though they are identical in hardware.


That’s interesting, Kenshin, is it then possible to flash my 4120 to a 4160?




^Yes it is. -> TDB…



You mean we can flash 4120 to 4160 now.


Hm should I contact the dangerous brothers or is there a direct download?


TDB are working on it. I think you will need to contact them directly.


^^Oh, and I don’t really appreciate chef’s comments on -> there IS a patch in beta test over there, and I didn’t say anything wrong…


There r 2 ways of writing faster than 4x with ricohjpn.r03 and 4120.The 1st one is to replace the mediacode with MCSE and burn @8x with not so good results(i replaced ricohjpn.r02) and the 2nd is to contact TDB and get the 4120@4160 firmware.


is the 4160B firmware really that reliable already on the 4120B? I do not want to actually burn at 16x, but I only want to write 16x media at 8x or 12x, which my writer should support.

Btw, shame on LG that they do not make a suitable firmware for the 4120B! That was definitely my last drive from them!




I guess that I should stock up on 8X dvd media. Costco has 100 TDK disks for $26.99 Canadian. That is the cheapest I have seen them.


I’ll rather wait for ala42 to complete his MCSE on the 4120.


I dont know bout 4120@4160 firmware cause i don’t have it but i think it should be ok and as kenshin said they r identical hardware.The point is that we need to try the 4120@4160 not to hit 16x write with our 4120 but to get support for some 16x mediacodes :frowning: