RICHOJPN-R00-01 only allowing 2.4x on 109?



As title…

Seems a little strange that my NEC 3520 will burn these all day at 8x and yet the DVR-109 (v 1.40) only allows 2.4x

Any input welcomed, and hacked firmware is it available?


Maybe even an official firmware can solve the problem why don’t you try?


RICOHJPNR00 is only 2.4x-certified media, and as we all know, Pioneer isn’t a fan of overspeeding older media in their firmware.



I doubt they will burn at 8x.
They are 2.4x rated as mentioned before.
RICOHJPNR02 is 8x rated media!


This is Fuji DVD+R the packaging says 4x… they burn excellent at 8x in my NEC 3520.


As I said above, Pioneer do not like overspeeding old media. Maybe they struck a deal with the media manufacturers to get more people to buy new nedia types???



I don’t want to overspeed it, I want to write it at 4x the rated speed on the darn tub!!


I guess you’ll either have to wait for a firmware update to allow the 4x speed, or get/use a different burner. Why would you use 4x media with a 16x capable burner anyway?


It was very very cheap, and they are very reliable discs in my expereince. I do use 16 media as well but it is 4x the cost so I can suffer the slightly slower burn, just annoying that one burner does these discs proper justice and the other is simply inadequate.


RICOHJPN R00 is NOT 4x certified media.
RICOHJPN R01 is 4x certified.

Double check your MID.

RICOHJPN R01 is supported at 4x on the Pioneer 109.