Richie Havens Died :flower:

I was waiting for you to post the sad news. Richie was the first performance at Woodstock 1969 and played for 3 hrs. :bow:

I knew him personally back in the day, I worked in Greenwich Village, I owned a store that made custom jewelry and it was across the street from a place he often played. It is sad day.:o

Richie Havens had a great voice here’s a great article

I am only familiar with him in the WOODSTOCK film, which we saw a few years ago in a local film festival. Big screen, great print, great sound system, enthusiastic audience.

It amazed me then that Havens with limited guitar playing was bookended by Hendrix, a relative guitar master, and how those two remain pivotal memory points for me about that film. Havens eschewed guitar virtuosity, yet his percussive playing was the ideal support for his singing and ‘presence’. Hendrix was at the other end of the spectrum - his guitar was The Huge Factor of his presence.

And yet both remain vivid memories of that film for me. Almost complete opposites but, y’know, it’d have been FUN to see each of them do the vocals on the others’ songs. Great fun, in fact. Too bad guest-star duets back then were only used on occasional variety TV shows. (I can only imagine Havens’ sandblasting PURPLE HAZE vocals…)

Havens continued to make rounds, too, though I never saw him. I’m glad to see there are more recent YouTube videos of his shows.

He was infamous around Washington Square Park as having the longest fingers to play the guitar that anyone ever saw. He was a legend. RIP.

Groove Armada, Hands of Time, nice tune., remember 1969?

A jewel of a performance. Thanks for sharing.