Richard Hammond in 450km/h crash

Richard ‘has improved’
Richard Hammond is ‘stable’ but remains seriously ill in hospital after a crash in a jet-powered car.

The accident happened during filming for the new series of Top Gear at the former RAF airfield in Elvington, near York.

Richard was taken by air ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary’s neurological unit. A hospital spokesman said this morning: “He has seen some improvement overnight, but remains in a serious but stable condition.”

Wow, I really hope the “hamster” will get through this in one piece and with no permanent injuries! :eek: :frowning:

They didn’t manage to drown him, electrocute him or freeze him to death on Top Gear - hopefully this accident won’t accomplish what the previous stunts failed to do.

My thought and hopes are with Richard Hammond and his family.

BBC has me confused. Significant brain injury doesnt sound good. Reasonable optimism sounds good. What is one to believe…

he has made progress and has been moved into the high dependency unit from intensive care and is making good progress. I hope he gets better…

check out for up-to-the minute info and to give him support if anyone wants.,,2-2006440317,00.html

I watched every episode they played here in the US when they did the test run on the discover channel here, best car show out there.
I’m glad it seems he’s getting better and will be alright. I hope they go back to making the show and we over here get the original crew and not a US bunch like they are planning to do.
Thanks for the info and hoping for the best, not all the fans are across the pond.
I also loved his bit on the old Dodge Charger…:bigsmile:

I wish him a soon recovery. The “hamster” is simply irreplaceble for the show.
I’ve never heard of American episodeds. When did the run?

Last summer I think or a bit earlier. They did about 15 or so they reshot to be kinder to our US folks and showed them on discover or one of those science/learning type channels on cable here. Now they say it did well and they want to do the show here with an American bunch hosting it, but they say they’ll use Stig as the mystery driver still. Don’t know if it’s still a go but thats the last I heard about it. Really pissed me off when the shows stopped being shown.

An update on Richard Hammond and the Top Gear show:

No spine damage for Hamster (30 sep)

TV’s Top Gear is saved (5 oct)

Hamster crash to be screened (6 oct)

Youtube has a video of the crash.

Edit: maybe it´s not the real thing after all :confused:

Er… I’d say certainly not. Too many viewers, completely different car, static wreckage on tarmac… etc. And it says “Santa Pod” on the bridge. :rolleyes: