Rich stars launch anti-Napster campaign

I just posted the article Rich stars launch anti-Napster campaign.

The Register says some british organisation launched an anti-napster campaign!

UK musicians trade organisation British Music Rights today launched a campaign that seeks to persuade fans not to…

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Everywhere is always “Anti-piracy” they won`t stop piracy! Piracy rules! Juhani smells!

Sure, but see what they are doing to the spirit when it comes to napster…

Now u can trade any files, which suposed to be illegal, legally…

It may sound better, but i think there’s something missing.

Don’t know yet.

Ollie, what about cloning Elton John and Paul MacCartney and the Spice Whores…?

these gits have made their millions in filthy ways…

we will make sure this doesnt happen again

When I hear the likes of McArtney and John complaining about people losing money I feel fully justified with every copy or download I produce. Youy will never hear these assholes fighting for rights for the pooer people in the world, labour rights , enviromental issues, public health care. They are the worst of our society. McArtney can take his “revolution” and jam it up his ass where his head is.