RIAA witness expected lower fine for Thomas

I just posted the article RIAA witness expected lower fine for Thomas.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has taken only one person to trial for file sharing, and recently won a whopping $1.92 million settlement against the person who elected to go to…

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"The fine, for downloading 24 copyrighted songs…"
You guys keep getting it wrong. She’s accused of DISTRIBUTING 24 songs via P2P, not DOWNLOADING them.

Exactly. In addition, she had an opportunity to settle for 1800 dollars at the beginning, but refused. It is also reported that her demeanor during the jury trial was offensive to the jury and it is felt this hurt her quite a bit. She is her own worst enemy.

No matter how “offended” the jury is, this doesn’t give them the right to seek personal revenge by setting a ridiculously high punishment!

What it does is make them less sympathetic to her and it makes it easier for them to side with the plaintiff- the RIAA. Then when the punishment phase comes around …look out!

ridiculous amount! those that decided the fine would soon complain if they were on the receiving end after doing something, which is, in crime terms, pretty small. lesser amounts have been awarded for offences that are much more serious

who cares what the fine is if you have neither the intention nor the assets to pay it, this is all mental masturbation and a waste of taxpayer money

When Washington’s Puget Sound Energy was sued for a drunk crashing into a pwoer line and becomeing disabled by the shock ( think it was his brother who was driving)…the jury gave the largest settlement of the time. Then the power bill for everyone in the state skyrocketed. woops.