RIAA withdraws lawsuit against innocent pensioner

I just posted the article RIAA withdraws lawsuit against innocent pensioner.

 GristyMcFisty used our    news submit  to tell us that the  RIAA have had to withdraw a  300 million dollar lawsuit they  filed against a 66 year old pensioner for...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6729-RIAA-withdraws-lawsuit-against-innocent-pensioner.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6729-RIAA-withdraws-lawsuit-against-innocent-pensioner.html)

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well, but it could be that her grandson came over with a laptop, plugged it in and downloaded the stuff, then went home.

RIAA are a gang of disgusting thugs. They could give a shit about who they mistakenly step on. If I were that woman, I’d sue the piss out of them for emotional distress, legal fees, and anything else my lawyer could think up. And I’d call a press conference to make sure everybody knew what a bunch of assholes the RIAA really is.

This is just wrong. If anything they are getting alot of publicity about how serious they are about stopping piracy. Trying to make people think twice before trying to download. It doesn’t seem to matter how they treat people. Just as well as they can justify a reason for their jobs at the RIAA then they will always be there.

Like is bad enough we are trapped in the U.S with this Homeland Security crap and now the RIAA are hunting us down. They should use their effort to fight terrorism because those people are the ones that uses MP3 music and etc. to make money to fund their organization. :S

Glad I don’t live in the States - especially with morons like RIAA, MPAA and all the other secret moronic organizations trying to control your life! :B :X

300 million dollar lawsuit they filed against a 66 year old pensioner??? The whole of the US could never come up with that much money in a day. :frowning: What the hell is the RIAA thinking? 300,000,000$ is lot of cash.:wink: I wonder how rich the RIAA is? Could they be the richer than Bill Gates? First it’s a young girl and now a pensioner. No way on this planet would I live in the US, I think I will suffer the ever changing climate of the UK. Mabye its too cold and wet for them to come and bother us:g They should be hunting down Terrorists.:S Intercept:g

I’d be careful what you say… I think I heard that the BPI is going to start doing the exact same thing in the UK.

Way I hear it is that an RIAA funded swat squad were called in busted down the door, pistol whipped her and led her away in handcuffs at gunpoint. On the way back to the lockup they passed a rape, 2 shootings and a carjacking, but they were content that they had caught their major crimminal for the day. While being slapped around in the interrogation room she always maintained her innocence ( she was of old stock and very feisty). After subjecting her to interrogation techniques that would have made a grown man cry, and realizing they were not going to get a confession, she was released for lack of evidence. RIAA lawyers informed her they would be keeping an eye on her. At this point she gave them the finger, a browneye and toddled off home…THE PIRATE WAS LOOSE ON THE STREETS AGAIN…!!!.. Ok I’m joking…but WTF are these people thinking…:X

Well I can assure I will be dead and buried before the BPI come visit me for not downloading any files from kazza;) Take my word for it, I would rather end my life right now than end up in a place full of men after yer ass:( and before you say anything, mark my words the only thing the BPI will get is my dead body and they will need to dig it up first, and will they take that too court as evidence??:g I am not afraid of death whatsover, as I have been there 3 times after a major car accident which f***** my life up and each time they bring me back. In one instance they gave me only 2 hours to live and everyone was in panic mode, but again I defied the docs and came back too life. Sometimes these pills they give you work and then all of sudden they react differntly and make you feel depressed as hell:c But me got enough pills too kill 10 men+ F*** the RIAA and the BPI! I hope they read this, cus it will cause frustration as there is F*** all they can do to prevent anything happening. I have the power too live or die, something noone else can take away from me.:S Intercept:X Think I am talk crap, you can have me hospitals fone no(Glan Clwyd. North Wales) and they will put you right, mind you it would be against the data protection act. Why do you think the Doctors call me a high risk person and won’t give me stonger pills? Doesn’t take anyone with their head screwed on to understand.

…And in the meantime, people share childporn and terrorist documents (how to make bombs and stuff) and nobody looks for them. Ain’t this weird?