RIAA withdraws its Clean Slate amnesty programme

I just posted the article RIAA withdraws its Clean Slate amnesty programme.

 Last September, the RIAA started a Clean Slate amnesty programme where music sharers  could confess their crimes in written form to the RIAA and be freed from  possible future prosecution so...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8167-RIAA-withdraws-its-Clean-Slate-amnesty-programme.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8167-RIAA-withdraws-its-Clean-Slate-amnesty-programme.html)

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That tickles me the way the Reg calls the RIAA the “Recording Industry Ass. of America” chortles :X
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the public have received sufficient education to know that sharing music is wrong, apparently So will they stop suing people? Or is that thought a step too far? :+

“So will they stop suing people? Or is that thought a step too far?” Well they’ve got to prop up their sagging sales somehow! And since they can’t convince people to keep buying albums they own on SACD / DVD, this’ll just have to do.

When private individuals claim somebody owes them money for a service not provided, it’s called extortion. When a company or government sactioned group does the same thing, it’s called a lawsuit.

It appears this sorryarse corporation has stopped scratching around the bottom of the barrel looking for ways and means to gain at least a modicum of respectability.With the obvious slapping them around the head and shoulders for the past few years, I will assume that ignorance (and/or arrogance) is their strong point. I’m betting, nothing short of this this assembly of maladroits moving their business offshore to some rocky outcrop near antarctica, will raise any eyebrows anymore…:X