RIAA: We'll smother song swappers



I just posted the article RIAA: We’ll smother song swappers.

Anonymous used our newssubmit to tell us that the RIAA is thinking of another way of stopping file sharing services. Earlier we reported that the RIAA wants to ‘hack’ PC’s to keep file sharing in…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2656-RIAA-Well-smother-song-swappers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2656-RIAA-Well-smother-song-swappers.html)

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really Lame ! :frowning:


Well lets just hope that the IP’s that these will originate from will become public, and therefore automatically banned on these services.


Imagine a hacker doing a reversal DNS on the RIAA. God forbid


Do they think this will help? No way! :frowning: There are too many file swapping services and mayby the editors of these fileswappers make a limit on the song requests per hour…:stuck_out_tongue:


The file sharing program authors can also just make an option in a program to allow the user to ban certain IPs or nicknames. :7 :r FLUCK YOU RIAA! :r


Thats so pathatic and lame art this maffia practisims??


Boowaahahaha! Their getting pretty damn desperate if you ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:


that is pretty desperate. hmm, lets see: this won’t affect MusicCity coz there is an option for unlimited download. if one person downloads really slowly, who cares? they need to pull out a few hundred T3 servers to leech 400,000GB that musiccity normally has. if they only target music well, there screwed. i hardly download music off of file sharing networks.


Yes. This is pretty sad if the RIAA has to resort to this into TRYING to stop us. Even if they somehow pull it off, we’ll just resort back to FTP’s and ftp search engines. It’s not like they can shut down EVERYONE’S ftp!


Wow…if these guys (R.I.A.A.) would just start to release all “DVD-A” 6 channel 24bit 96khz sampling rate audio disks with 24 bit 192khz sampling rate stereo tracks, then mp3 would seem like cassette in comparison…this is a much better stradegy…


I usually kill leechers that arent sharing anything. I wonder what kind of files they’ll be sharing :d


Im supprised noone has thought of something like this before. This however is the lamest option. When they start sharing files, which contain noise but match the crc, then youll have problems.


These lameass plans by the RIAA have absolutely no chance of getting implemented. Let’s see, hmmm, they want to basically: *Hack into private pcs and get Congress to pass a law that prevents them from any legal repercussions of that action. DOS attack P2P networks, thereby clogging Internet traffic in the interest of stopping file sharing. This is the same thing as the insurance industry asking the ChP to cause traffic jams on the freeway to deter joyriders and carjackers. Hello Hilary, you stupid biatch cnt! Does the phrase class action lawsuit have any meaning for you? It should bc the RIAA seems to think that they are the only ones who can bring litigation. The RIAA is starting to look a lot like the Digital Gestapo, no?


well, if they d/l files wont they be doing illegal things??? and i think if they take a very long time to d/l, some uploaders might kick them off their current transfer…