RIAA website now routable and public

If you didn’t already know, you will love this weird story. I found it on winbeta.org and theregister.co.uk. Below is a partial quote of the story.

“The Recording Industry Association of America website is once again up and running.”
“It may have been up and running a lot longer. When we checked in yesterday, riaa.com had been registered with the domain service with an IP address of - a nonroutable, private address.”
“So, in order to see it, you had to call round to the hosters’ home and ask permission to join his private network.”

Read the rest of the story here:
and a related story here:

Hey, think of it this way… having a private addy will prevent them from getting hacked again :wink: LOL. Also, it means that we won’t be able to view the page anymore! Woo Hoo! Then, again I will miss the news reports about how the RIAA gets hacked again for the 30th time in 2 months.