RIAA Wants to Hack Your PC

I just posted the article RIAA Wants to Hack Your PC.

Now this sounds like a joke but the RIAA is serious about it as you can read in the 2 page`s long article on it.

Look out, music pirates: The recording industry wants the right to hack into…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2642-RIAA-Wants-to-Hack-Your-PC.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2642-RIAA-Wants-to-Hack-Your-PC.html)

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HAHAHAHA!!!:4 :4 :4 I think then they have a real prob with hackers from our side! Any way… there will be patches for this soon…:slight_smile:

ploegercr, patches for what soon? This is not a new piece of software protection the RIAA wants… this is an ammendment that they wanted to place on USA Act that allows them (RIAA) to hack into and possible destroy (wipe HD etc.) computers suspected of practicing in online music piracy!

I think this is going to be a very big legal case, because it is breaking in to someones private property. But we will see

This is typical of big business…"Let’s see if we can take our own issue and somehow make it appear to be a terrorist issue…Is this BALLS or what???

hehe the suckers, I wish them good luck :slight_smile: because I know for sure that the best hackers are on our side, and not on RIAA`s.

this is pathetic. Firstly, the idea in itself is barbaric to say the least. They seem to think they are a law enforcement agency or something. They can go fuck themselves. Secondly, to even think of trying to put this forward with anti terrorist preposals just shows how ego centric these people are that they think their problems are just as important. Someone needs to bring these ass hole M. F*ckers down to earth. Preferably by raping them. A good ass packing for some of these idiots would make them realise that although they might think they are all powerful and can do whatever they want, there are in fact a lot worse things happening in life to people that need to be dealt with more than their profits.

RIAA is going to cause a war a big war. Between the people and them. Sure they have the equipment but we have the minds that makes the machine on our side. If you think Bin Laden is a big deal if this past prepare for total armageddon. :4

Doesn’t the DMCA forbid hacking of any sort, so this would go against the DMCA if my memory serves me right (I hope it is :)). Figures that they would be stupid enough to help create a new law that goes against an older one.

Hillary Rosen can LICK MY ASS!

Maybe it’s time to “network” my pc with an in house hardware router & use it as a sort of proxy i.p. address. Would that work?

Then they better not complain when we cause $50 million in RIAA company losses because its a nose for a nose, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for… well, never mind…

It really wouldn’t be a good idea for the RIAA to do that because “For every reaction there is an opposite and equal reaction” and some at the RIAA would be embarassed to find some personal information made public on their own site.

RIAA for dummies…

If this is the case, I would urge anyone w/ quality hacking skills to return the favor!!! Post sensitive info, add their execs to pedophile listings online, etc.

HeeD , some security or anti-hack patches…:8

Correct if I’m wrong but I think this only applies for USA, right?


can we have the right to look at there pc’s to see if thay have any info about us :4

Just think, if they could do this, so could the MPAA for movies and many software creators to check about pirated software (I think I hear Micro$oft calling in the wind) It would be great for some pissed off hacker to return the favor. Although, instead of taking incriminating evidence off, loading it down with more illegal shit. Another funny thing is, I doubt Hillary Rosen (bitch.) or any other RIAA members listen to what is being put out by the record companies today. Maybe then they’d realise why sales are slumping.