RIAA uses chat function of file sharing networks to warn file sharers

I just posted the article RIAA uses chat function of file sharing networks to warn file sharers.

In another effort to make people aware that they
are breaking the copyright laws when they share copyrighted music on file
sharing networks, the RIAA will be sending messages to those who…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5820-RIAA-uses-chat-function-of-file-sharing-networks-to-warn-file-sharers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5820-RIAA-uses-chat-function-of-file-sharing-networks-to-warn-file-sharers.html)

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my answer would be: first: F*CK second: you :d It’s ridiculous what the RIAA is doing :r

The warning should be: Don’t Download crappy music. Listen to such trash lowers your standards. This should be put any boybands and cheap teen sluts.

LOL, HAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok when you have to resort to this. There’s a problem. Apparently you’ve done something wrong. Why don’t they just dial every phone number in america and say, please stop trading files.
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There would be no gain in replying to the messages as they are probably unmanned batch sent messages. Also doing so just leaves you open to more trouble. Just turn off the messaging feature and get a decent IP blocklist and prog like PeerGuardian or a decent firewall. Don’t make it easy for the suits.

puh-leez… I think we’ve already established that the RIAA is the single stupidest organisation in the United States, the Bush Administration aside of course. That, and the MPAA. I’d love to get one of those messages… then I’d go and try to bring down that stupid sob who sent me it. Oooh, an RIAA agent to play with! :d Plus they have no jurisdiction over me cuz I’m Canadian. w00t!

So they have resulted to spamming P2P networks. They could get in trouble with new anti-spamming laws comeing out.

What Th’…???.. there has got to be to much white powder nasally inhaled through $ 100 bills in THAT boardroom…:X

how about this for an idea,we start a petition and everybody i mean everybody who shares files swaps the same file with each other and keeps swapping with each other that is going to be a lot of chat messages sent across the p2p networks then the networks might do something about the RIAA using all there bandwith

OK, I am sharing tens of gigs of UNpopular music; this means RIAA would NEVER EVER send me messages. Kewl!

What a pity the RIAA always loses site of the fact they should be benefiting the artists instead of themselves.