RIAA to fight musicians over copyright 'termination rights' on recordings

RIAA to fight musicians over copyright ‘termination rights’ on recordings.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/08/tQV8G3.jpg[/newsimage]Outgoing RIAA chief Mitch Bainwol declared in his goodbye letter that the music industry was beating pirates. That's debatable. However, his former organization will soon have another skirmish to address - not against content thieves, but the content creators themselves. In two years, the rights to music from the late 1970s could be up for auction. That is, unless the RIAA has its way.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/riaa-to-fight-musicians-over-copyright-termination-rights-on-recordings-50450/](http://www.myce.com/news/riaa-to-fight-musicians-over-copyright-termination-rights-on-recordings-50450/)

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Could be interesting to see RIAA on the other side of a courtroom facing a multi-billion dollar class action suit.
Power to the People, Right On!

so basically it’s becoming clearer now that the riaa are pirates who steal from the artists. trying to put up a “legal” fight to keep on stealing from the artists shows how much of a scam this whole music industry business is. i hope there’ll be a time when my money goes ~100% directly to the artists instead of only 4% of it, since 96% remains at the riaa currently.

Wake-up call for artists.
In the future we will most likely see more and more artists releasing music on independent labels, selling their music out of the trunks of cars and over the internet…

I fart in the RIAA’s general direction.


It’s all about GREED

Now I see why singers such as Bruce Springsteen hold the RIAA in such low regard-- they (the RIAA) want to own the music, and screw the artists out of their hard earned labor.

[QUOTE=johnnyjt;2600701]It’s all about GREED[/QUOTE]

It’s always been all about greed. I can see the original framers of these agreements thinking “35 years? None of these drug addled idiots will even be alive 35 years from now and we’ll still have the music.”

Guess what, some of them are still around, thinking they should have taken better care of themselves, but still around.

Much amusement coming.

I don’t see how anyone could side with the RIAA on this “issue”, except maybe the dirty politicians that they have paid off. Hope that the courts rule in favor of the artists.

[QUOTE=Blu-rayFreak;2601017]I don’t see how anyone could side with the RIAA on this "issue[/QUOTE] Do not underestimate the power of money.

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2601029]Do not underestimate the power of <s>money</s> [B]the Dark Side[/B].[/QUOTE] Fixed it for you! :cool:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2601060]Fixed it for you! :cool:[/QUOTE]
Right, you are.