RIAA ties P2P with child pornography in latest strategy



I just posted the article RIAA ties P2P with child pornography in latest strategy.

  In a desperate attempt to garner public support for the demise of P2P programs such as  Kazaa, the RIAA has sunk so low that they will have to look up from a gutter to  see a snakes...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6597-RIAA-ties-P2P-with-child-pornography-in-latest-strategy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6597-RIAA-ties-P2P-with-child-pornography-in-latest-strategy.html)

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AAAHHhhh yes…good old porn…a definate way to garner support from the self proclaimed rightious and the uninformed… I wonder how many times andrew lack and orifice hatch have entertained or been entertained in some establishment where they paid money for some young female to rub her genitals all over their lap…but then again I guess there is none so pure as the purified…I wonder if rsols like this can hear the skeletons knocking on their closet door…:X


He He…and another one is… “these rsols are so low they have to reach UP to tie their shoelaces”


here’s another oft heard in corporate board rooms directed at subordinates: “You guys are lower than whale dung!” Now that’s low. “Orifice Hatch” ROFLMAO :S
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Here wrap your brain around this one. The logic here is that we should shut down file sharing networks because they have child porn on them. Ok according to that logic we should shut down newsgroups, email, and the entire web based Internet. Everytime you hear about the feds busting a child porn ring it wasn’t child porn found on P2P it’s usually porn found on a newsgroup, or a web page. I really hate to break this one to everyone, but child porn has been around since the beginning of man. and P2P is not responsible. It’s the sick fucks who make it. Why don’t you shut them down? There’s a thought. I’d rather have child porn on the net where the IP numbers can be traced back and these people can be caught. Think about how many of these people have been caught because they were dumb enough to upload their material. It’s not going to go away. If we give society a false sense of secruity that it’s not happening how are we going to catch these monsters then?


How dumb can people be? But, I am sure that this statement will produce the desired effect in the mindless masses – who are, for the most part, computer illiterate to start with. Britney Spears and Madonna on the MTV awards? How about the amount of meat hanging out of the skimpy dresses in music videos as well as video award ceremonies? Christina A. and Britney S. went from goody goody to blantantly sexually charged singers. MTV cribs gives proof that you do not need brains to make money. Modern American-freaking-culture is based upon sex and money. And now the RIAA claims to be “holier than thou” by condemning certain deviant and frankly disgusting behavior from child pornographers? Give me a break! No corporation better condemn me for getting files for free while they continually have been screwed their customer base for years and years. Screw the artists. They haven’t done a thing for me, and I sure as hell ain’t going to help some moron with a voice buy a 4.0 million dollar house as opposed to a 2.5 million dollar house.


If they plan too shut the internet down because of this type of material, all the ISP’s will go bust overnite, noone will buy games that puts a stop on that, the music industry will die as noone wants to buy an album with only 3 songs they might like. All the companies that rely on the so called super highway will suffer major losses :stuck_out_tongue: In a nutshell, I very much doubt this will happen too much revenue will be lost. :B One thing it would kill of the RIAA and their crusaders :g What will they think of next, hmm taxing people for walking on the streets or for sitting on park benches :wink: They might even tax us for breathing oxygen :d You have too laugh after all its the key to happiness :g Intercept… :S


Nor fair to shut down p2p and focuse on the childporn and make it look if we al participate in that. BUT…i was on freenet…and some really sick guys visit there. Child porn is free available…discusting… I don’t mind to see those people get hung


OK very simple really, if the RIAA are so againt porn, then why don’t they alter there misguided crusade to target those users, instead they go after simple folk swapping songs, telling us that the RIAA equates Child Pornography with music sharing. what we need is Pete Townsend on the side of file sharers… err no hang on.


In fact if these hypocrits are the crusaders they want us to believe they are, lets see them donate all monies recieved from their illegal fileshare litigations (past and present), to the many abused children schemes and aid functions…that I WOULD like to see happen…:X


The reactions tell everything, might I just add one point: they mind not child porn, which is indeed against nature, but they would really like to shutdown P2P networks. Thet’s all.


TaTu anyone? I thought that was RIAA endorsed child porn. Probably what they’re annoyed about


No No No… those are child lesbians… a whole different story.:r


Music piracy… child pornography… For which reason do I delete my Mandy Moore files?