RIAA targets another 963 alleged file-traders

I just posted the article RIAA targets another 963 alleged file-traders.

The recording industry of America (RIAA) has gone on another lawsuit rampage this week filing around 963 lawsuits, all targeting various individuals who were illegally sharing…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9341-RIAA-targets-another-963-alleged-file-traders.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9341-RIAA-targets-another-963-alleged-file-traders.html)

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The Recording Industry Ass. of America…I guess that about sums it up … :X

only gonna get worse …everyone knows this…

simple soloution. dont download music. i use MSN music now, sure it has DRM, but i just burn it to CD-RW and rip back to mp3. ben :slight_smile:

I wonder how many 80yr grannies & 6yr old children they are suing this week… They sure are endearing themselves to the people which are supposed to be their customers…

“i use MSN music now” I’m sure you don’t get obscure “B-sides” or rare live stuff.Or albums weeks before they come out.But if you want to pay for garbage go ahead. The majority never will and the RIAA will never win this war. 20 million people are file sharing every day.They sue 900.What percentage is that ? :stuck_out_tongue:

They are doing this to spreaf fear and do keep users from using P2P. If you want to keep your bits of freedoom it’s time to fight back! Make a goal, like introduce P2P to 5 novice users each day. Also inform yourself about alternatives to most popular P2P applications so you may share file more protected. And remember - together we can beat those mofos. :slight_smile:

That’ll teach you peeps to buy your damn music and stop being bloody cheap and stealing music off the internet. Go work extra hours at the drive through, sell more fries and buy your damn music you bloody arse bandits.

I actually bought all the garbage cd’s. I also like smashing pumpkins and have gotten them too. Too bad they don’t produce anything anymore after being disbanded.

You people who think the music business is going to lose this fight are crazy. The internet is headed for a major lock down. VoIP ports are blocked to protect phone companies in some places now. Google removes or ignores thousands of sites. Entire chunks of the IP address space are blocked by ISPs Do a trace route and count all the gate keepers where your traffic can and will be shaped, taxed, monitored or blocked. The record companies need to make deals with the very few tier one ISPs to shape P2P traffic down to crap speeds, and you are going to call up your ISP and say 'I’m trying to break the law can you please let me?" I’d guess the reason this has not happen yet is because the actual damages caused by music piracy is very small, but the music business use piracy as excuse to get laws passed, and tax write offs. Anyway enjoy the free files on your computer while your computer will let you use them. Before long your computer will have so much DRM on it all it will say is “I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that” over and over.
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To be honest I don’t see why ISP’s would be willing to help the RIAA and other organisations, if there is a total lock down on P2P i think you’d find most people will either downgrade their broadband plans and or just not use bb. All the leeching that goes on gives people incentive and reason to take up and pay big bucks monthly for broadband. I’m pretty sure the looses from such moves wouldn’t be covered by the RIAA, so I doubt you’ll see isp’s do anything like that unless legislation forces them too.