RIAA targets an eclectic group including senior citizens



I just posted the article RIAA targets an eclectic group including senior citizens.

 In a shocking turn of  events, news is leaking out that some of the first to feel the wrath of the RIAA  will be none other than someones grandparents. Austrailian IT news is reporting  that...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6298-RIAA-targets-an-eclectic-group-including-senior-citizens.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6298-RIAA-targets-an-eclectic-group-including-senior-citizens.html)

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Senior citizens? Holy shit! Yeah like they are going to pay up. Now the RIAA won’t win “the hearts and minds” of potential supporters. RIAA: You can win every lawsuit, but still lose the war.


Everyone being sued/on the list should pull together to get one big name lawyer to take on the RIAA!




Some of these hacking groups need to go after the record execs personally. Maybe that might make them chill out.
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I think everyone is forgetting that these people’s information has only been subpoena’d. They have not been sued yet.


Just who the Fk do these Mutha Fuers think they are…GOD? or what… Instead of trying to sue the ass off people who trade music ,why dont congress stop the Fukers who are shooting ,mugging,raping ect ect drug dealing ect ect ect i could go on but what is the point…for fuks sake RIAA get a life… And the other do some thing usefull for fu*ks sake with all the money you get from us!!!


It is hard enough for parents to monitor their children who they chat to on the web, but what music they download and accidently share… I have visited people who let their children run Kazaa on their PC and when I asked the parents if they use Kazaa themselves, they told me “What is Kazaa? Is it a game?”. It looks like that a lot more innocent people are going to be victims of filesharing if this keeps up.
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This is greed for you! Everyone used to say that captalism was the best, i used to think so too. Now i see these corporations suing elderly, children and even proposals to have people put in jail for download music, regardless of age. I think that if this happens i would rather live in a communist society at least most things are free in it and there is less greed.


if anyone had bothered to read the information, you would see that they have subpoenaed the names of people whom the IP addresses belong to. they have no idea who or what is on the other end. they have sued no one (from the latest batch).


Experienced downloaders that know what they are doing will hide their IP address and download from places the RIAA doesn’t look that often, while the naive file sharers that don’t even know it’s illegal will just use kazaa and get sued. But that doesn’t matter if all this turns out to be profitable now does it?
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Is it possible that people do not have as much money to spend on the multitude of digital/ analogue products as before? My case… I have three children, three games consoles and a computer. The pressure to buy games etc is enormous so I have to budget the funds. At the moment it seems my children get better value from games than CDs especially PC games. My children do not seem to have developed the taste for music, as I did at their age. What I am trying to say is that there is the same amount of money going around, as before, but more products competing for the same money. Also music is rubbish these days and we don’t even watch MTV because of this.


C’mon now everybody! This is a perfect way to help the cause. We’ll just make martyrs of our grandparents.


Fu*king RIAA money-thirsty fags. I’m living off a budget barely enough to support my living, why do THEY have to live in big houses and drive mercedes? They really piss me off. Good thing I stopped buying CDs a long time ago. If I’m buying another music CD, first thing I’ll do is open every single file-sharing client I have and share it to piss them off.


Really Idiotic Asshole Association


While in Walmart last night I told 5 people that were looking at cds about this. I handed them a printout of all this bullshit. They didn’t buy the music, I also gave them the url to Kazaa Lite. I will do everything I can to boycott those mother fu*kers. I was there to pick up some cdrs to hand out.


Music (file) sharing is not anything new even since the time of Napster or even the Internet. About 10-15 years ago back in primary/high school (time of records), it was very common to see friends and others swapping tapes and I use to see this happen nearly every day. Should someone or some law manage to to unlikely kill P2P, it will definitely not kill music sharing. :X


I’ll go for that.