RIAA targets 493 more unnamed file-sharers



I just posted the article RIAA targets 493 more unnamed file-sharers.

  The RIAA  has filed a further 493 lawsuits against unnamed file sharers bringing the total  number of individuals sued to almost 3000.  The RIAA does not have the  identity of the 493 file...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8376-RIAA-targets-493-more-unnamed-file-sharers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8376-RIAA-targets-493-more-unnamed-file-sharers.html)

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Fooey on the Police! [expletive modified] :stuck_out_tongue:
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Serves the free loaders right. Sue the punk for all they have. RIAA owns your ass. @#$% the police? WTF does the police have any to do w/ RIAA or copyright? I’m sure you’re bitch ass will be screaming @#$% the police when a bunch of robbers break into your house and @#$% your whole family in the ass.


These guys are pratically a dictatorship of media. And we ALL know what to do with dictators, right?


And who gets all the money when they settle or sue the victims, The RIAA, so the whole thing is to raise revenue and the RIAA gets all the money. :r


It’s intimidation. It’s strong-arm tactics And it’s not allowed in Canada. It’s called the Privacy Act.


Stoner: The police are the armed enforcers of the moneyed elite, in this case the RIAA. Who do you think is going to haul these teenagers into court if they don’t want to go? And who will enforce the decision RIAA purchases from the court? For that matter, who busts all the skulls to enforce all the laws purchased by all the corporations? And who didn’t have time to even take a report when my house was broken into? And who “couldn’t find” any evidence of the crackhouse blatantly operating in the apartment above mine? The police. So yeah. Fck 'em. Fck 'em hard and with great malice. :d


Oops… Almost forgot… Hollywood uber alles! :r


Steadily the RIAA will estinguish itself… Noone likes a bully. Strongarm tactics are sometimes referred to as “bullying”. How long before the RIAA has NO support in this country?? Other than it’s affiliates and buisiness partners, who would be wise to watch who they are seen with… I salivate to see the day where an artist can’t give away their songs due to the fact that they, or their record companies, couldn’t keep their mouths shut on topics such as this or politics…:d:d PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE FUNDING WITH YOUR CONSUMER PURCHASES!!:wink: