RIAA sues XM satellite radio over mobile recording device

I just posted the article RIAA sues XM satellite radio over mobile recording device.

DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us that the RIAA has gone
after XM radio on Tuesday, over an iPod type device that allows users to record
up to 50 hours of music from satellite…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11858-RIAA-sues-XM-satellite-radio-over-mobile-recording-device.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11858-RIAA-sues-XM-satellite-radio-over-mobile-recording-device.html)

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Well, I won’t question the legality of recording music from XM/suing it. However, $150K for EVERY song ANY custormer has EVER recorded is ridiculous. The law may provide up to 150K per violation, but does anyone really believe that a person who recorded one song actually did 150K in damages to music industry? Going by itunes pricing shouldn’t it be 99 cents instead of 150K?

I think it says “$150,000 in damages for every song copied by XM Satellite customers” and not “$150,000 in damages for every song copied by one XM Satellite customer” so maybe it just means 150k x (# of songs played by XM)? Where the # of songs is stated in the following sentence as 160,000 songs a month.

That’s a LOT of money!!! Man, they are quite a profitable company.

Interesting concept, suing a customer who already pays broadcast airplay royalty fees? Oh well, what’s next extend the concept to sue Dell for merely supplying computers that are capable of ripping audio cd’s?:r

If the RIAA were to persue and win this case based on the per violation provisions there would be no more XM Radio. If XM has sold 1000 recording devices and each user records only 100 songs (and at 400 bucks per player you got to know they have) that is 100,000 x 150,000 = $15,000,000,000.00 (15 Billion Dollars). This is the kind of power our legislators have been handing the RIAA members and this is exactly why people have got to get involved in this war against buying our government. The idea that any recording from radio is worth more than a few cents is just incredible. Under present law the industry has been handed the power to coerce many corporations into bankruptcy. Future legislation may well prevent the development of technologies that could be vital to our future and security. We passed the point of legislated copyright absurdity years ago, yet the industry is still whining for more laws to punish citizens and eliminate fair use. It is past time for people to get up and start communicating with their senators and congressmen. There is very little time left.

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[I]“The idea that any recording from radio is worth more than a few cents is just incredible.”[/I] I agree 100%. especially XM Radio…it’s horrible! I unfortunately have XM radio now as it was added on DirecTV and Music Choice was removed. I guess they got it cheaper than Music Choice. Everyone threw a fit about it, as it is like sticking darning needles in your ears the quality is so horrific. But of course, DirecTV doesn’t care as they just know it helps the botttom line. I honestly have not used it for months, whereas I used to have music choice playing all the time in the background. I pity the fools that buy a $400 dollar device to record and carry this garbage around with them to listen to. Now, with the RIAA trying to cause a way to charge for this “privilege” is insult to injury.
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LOL is only what i’ve got to say :+ I mean, please tell me that we returned to April 1st!!! :r :r

I have XM Satelite Radio in my Chevy Trailblazer EXT and how in the hell can I record off of that mofo. This is totally obnoxious and soon no music will never ever be played again over anything including but not limited to; HAM radio, AM Radio, FM Radio, Shortwave Radio, CB Radio, 2 way radio, Nextel Walkietalkie, Cingulair push to talk, Verizon Muticast, and many others I do not know of at this point. My point is I do NOT want to spend $10-infinite amount of dollars for one single song on any type of media. I would just like to link up to any song that I wish to have. DMCA should be turned into a Library. Say like the local library. I go in and copy some pages out of book/movie/audiobook and take it home to read. Is that considered piracy. Just like dvd rentals. I pay a fee to rent a DVD movie upon which I browse a Library of movies at a rental store. I paid to watch the movie. The only reason I cannot make a copy is due to the DMCA act, but I paid a fee to rent the movie. I feel I should be intitled to a copy of the movie since I paid a FEE for it. I cannot wait for the cracking of the encryption of HD DVD and the Blu-Ray movies because currently Transport Streams will have to due right now. Long live Elaborate Bytes and AnyDVD for their great products I love and Enjoy because it works great to put movies to my HDTV. Keep of the good work Slysoft and Elby. Regards Pete
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Well DirectTV has XM satellite Radio Dish Network has Sirrus Dish owns Both regards pete

Regarding some music files on the net which are supposed to be drm protected. Download the file. Open in notepad. See where the file is streamed from. Stream and copy the audio with Videolan (must be experienced with Videolan to do this (must pick the right codecs and the right address) - not for nOObs). Then there you have your audio that you wanted. By the way for sake of this site that I have come to know and love, I will never ever post how to due this in any of your forums or on any site out there so do not ask me. regards pete
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so how about the RIAA go after people who have tape decks hooked up to their radio still? Come on FM is still better quality then that digital radio crap! Think of all those analog bootlegs that can easily be converted to digital at a better quality then XM!!

At least this time RIAA picked someone their own size. XM has the money to stand up to them. But if they raise their monthly fees I will call them the same day to cancel. There is only so much I’m willing to pay for such a service.

Maybe you’re right. I missed ‘s’ in customers. Nevertheless, it’s still too much and given the fact that the device can only store 100 songs at a time and most likely (not sure about this) does not have any way to transfer music to other devices, this is ridiculous.