RIAA sues college students part two - $ 150.000 (!) per song



I just posted the article RIAA sues college students part two - $ 150.000 (!) per song.

A while ago we reported you that the
RIAA had sued four university students who were
operating file-search services on their school’s internal networks. Thanks
to scum1…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5679-RIAA-sues-college-students-part-two----150_000--per-song.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5679-RIAA-sues-college-students-part-two----150_000--per-song.html)

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They are gone completely mad…


How could an individual get sued for something they simply cannot earn. Not even Bill gates (or who ever is the richest individual on earth) could pay that, let alone the whole RIAA instustry themselves! :d I wonder if this will go into the Guinness book of records…


Guinness book of Idiots more likely…:B


$ 97.8 trillion ??? How can anyone in the world pay that. enough money to buy every CD sold in America last year over again for the next 120,000 years, according to RIAA statistics again thats just crazy. The students did not do this much damage. The RIAA are just money greedy. :r


hehehehe… what a stupid behaviour… they’re just getting more and more ridiculous… while they think they’re soooo scary, they don’t even realize that everyone is laughing at their lawsuit. I wonder how a good and serious lawyer can even attempt to sue a student for … 97.8 trillion of $$$!!! Well, in any case I’d largely prefer to be condemned to pay 97.800.000.000.000 dollars than 97.800 :B If you have to pay 97.800$ they will probably succeed in forcing you to pay the money; if you have to give them 97 trillions (prrrffff!!!) they will probably never get a single penny. :+


and you know the really pathetic part about all of this? if the RIAA somehow came to a HUGE settlement, do you think they will distribute that money to the artists’s they claim to be protecting? hell no! the money will be cut up and shared among top execs with the RIAA, and labels. My motto is keep on pirating, till things change!


I bet Bill Gates has 120 200GB Maxtor drives in a server machine connected to a massive surround system in his mansion filled with songs that he got using the username: Matopenheim on Kazaa.


RaWShadow says: _________________________ $ 97.8 trillion ??? How can anyone in the world pay that. _________________________________ RaWShadow, I don’t belive RIAA expects anyone to pay that much. If the students lose their case, they can just declare bankruptcy and the entire debt is written off and RIAA can never collect a dime. Apparently noone here has ever heard of the bankruptcy laws that we have in the US.:d


Someone can’t do their sums. 150000*652000 = 97,800,000,000 or $97.8 Billion. Typical Americans, exadurating everything as usual. I am sure that those students in question will be glad to find out that they are only paying a meagure $97.8 Billion, not the horrendous $97.8 Trillian previously advertised. In this case, maybe G. Dubya could ask for the RIAA for a loan to pay for this war plus the next one. Nobody likes the RIAA fair enough, yes, they are a big nasty evil corporation, but that still doesn’t make it right to steal from them. If you don’t want to buy the CDs then don’t download the MP3s.


^^ sorry peps, for some reason the CDFreaks posting thing translated the 9 point 8 billion into .8 , mentally Replace$()


Oh dammit, I meant 97 point 8 billion, sorry :wink:


Damn, now they’ll never be able to buy another CD ever! They’ll have to stick with KaZaA…shame… Just goes to show how ridiculous the American legal system is. It’s about time the US rounded up their lawyers and treated them to some gas or the electric chair. Hey law is where the real crime is at…


just because the maximum amount allowed by law is 150000, it doesnt guarantee that sum to the plantiff.


The average student doesn’t even have $ 97,80 :B


What the hell is the RIAA trying to prove with this ridiculous lawsuit ? These students will never ever be able to pay that so now they are in a position that they have nothing to lose. Absolutely nothing. In fact , if they get sentenced to pay that , they won’t have any money for the rest of their lives and the only thing the RIAA succeeded in is ruining the lives of these students. Well kudos to the RIAA for making themselve even more impopulair. Furthermore , now that they have nothing to lose , things could turn nasty… very nasty. What if the next case is also concerns this amount of money , and the next one , and the next one ? What will they accomplish ? Making every single Kazaa user go bankrupt ? I really don’t get it… what is the RIAA trying to prove ? That they can destroy people’s lives ?
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This is just insane. How can they expect one single collage student to ever be able to pay that.


Make sure EVERYONE you know; (Mothers Fathers Brothers, Sisters and Friends) knows how to dupe CDs and share the MP3 files and make sure they show other people the same. And remind them when they buy music CD they are supporting the RIAA. Go to a music store and talk to people; clue in as many people as you can without coming off like a crazy person. Only a tiny sliver of people pirate MP3 files, let’s grow that, and give the RIAA something to worry about. And use a calculator before you post. :slight_smile:


American law is bad and only for the wealthy i.e RIAA. What other countries have laws to execute the Teenagers and Mental patients. And anyway George Dubya won’t need to borrow money from the RIAA to fund the next war as the new Republic of Exxon (formerly Iraq) will foot the bill


You can’t file backruptcy on a lawsuit though. I remember going on a year ago I posted something on this site related to this. Back when new songs were on file sharing networks before they were even released. And the RIAA wanted to know who did it. This is a strong indication that the RIAA is actually releasing the songs on the network because it’s more profitable to sue someone once they’re downloaded.