RIAA sues again 68 college students

I just posted the article RIAA sues again 68 college students.

RIAA`s next strike in their war against illegal file-sharing, is once more an
attack against college students around the US. According to an article that
brantdk spotted for us…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9804-RIAA-sues-again-68-college-students.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9804-RIAA-sues-again-68-college-students.html)

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The war continues. It doesnt seem like this will every end, why cant the RIAA see that thier method doesnt work. There are millions on million of P2P users, what does 68 help, it´s only a drop in the sea. RIAA needs to rethink their stratagy.

another moronic move by the RIAA…:r

well of course p2p users like you and I will say that the RIAA are morons. But then I think if I worked for the RIAA and that it was my job I would sue as many people as I can. heh. each side for their own., i suppose

as a college student myself i have to work a part time job and go to school. there are millions of us who cant affort college. do you think i can afford to spend $18 on a new cd whenever it comes out ? and the fact that they sue college students wont do any good. its like trying to rob a hobo:d

Would be interesting if someone actually battled them in court instead of cutting a deal, especially when it comes to the astronomically retarded price tag they put on each shared track. Not being american I don’t know alot about the actual penalty for violating copyright laws, but unless it’s for commercial use I would assume there’s no actual fine amount specified? Would be sweet to see the RIAA legal pack try to prove that file sharing actually hurts record sales, and exactly how much each shared track costs them. We’ve yet to see EFF vs. RIAA Round 1 I reckon, so far they’ve mostly been poking eachother with sticks

hip hip hoorayyyyyy if momy can send em to school then they can afford to buy cds.

like i said the RIAA is doing their job, not that I am on their side or anything. Anyways, I’m a college student too and the fact that we are poor has nothing to do with it. and whoever said that sueing 68 people won’t change anything, well im sure it does somehow, just not a lot

its not a war…we’re being attacked unmercifully…ouch

The RIAA aren’t the bad guys, remember they are a dummy organsation setup to take the “bullets” just like the ESA etc. The real people behind this is the music industry who funds the RIAA with lots of cash and gives them teir orders. If you dislike what these socialists are doing then do NOT buy any music from the “big 5” or you are giving them more money to put into their abuse of power.

just out of interest who are yhe big five ?

“what these socialists are doing” uhm, what has socialism with the RIAA and their monetary backing to do?

The five major record lables are: Sony BMG EMI Universal Warner These are the big 5 who control the music industry, they are behind the RIAA so understand what is going on here. Socialism is about control and abuse is it not? As a Rep. American I have had enough of it in my country…that’s political and not for this post.

Hi there tinku, how are the paycheques from the MPAA and RIAA? It must really be cool (not to mention lucrative) to have a job where you hang out on the internet all day being a troll for the biggest corporate thieves in town and getting paid for it. Nice work if you can get it - do they have any openings? I figure you could put in a good word for me… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What I wonder is how much the RIAA is spending on lawers (not to mention the “incentives” given to politicians).

Well, y’see, that’s one way to win the battle: cause the enemy to expend their resources fruitlessly until it becomes blatantly obvious that they’re in a battle they cannot possibly win. At that point, then maybe they’ll be forced to consider other methods like, oh - I don’t know, becoming Customer Oriented and providing value to the people who buy their wares again. The customers have time, sheer numbers, technology, their purse strings and a lack of top-heavy buerocracy (thereby enabling them to be far more maneuverable and able to respond to threats quicker) on their side. They don’t.
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The RIAA would personally like to thank the gullible public for supporting them in their efforts to sue you by buying (and enjoying) the lastest disposable artists we throw at you. Sincerely, the suits at RIAA.

hqs is you want to avoid (as should be) politics here you should propably avoid using one of the largest global political directions as slander, especially since it had no correlation to the definition of socialism fascism would have been acceptable :slight_smile:

Given the country he lives in and his stated leanings, his ignorance (in the true sense of the word) is pretty much de riguer…