RIAA Sued for Fraud, Abuse and Legal Sham

It’s been a rough week for the RIAA as massive layoffs are about to cost many employees their job. On top of that, the anti-piracy outfit is being sued for abusing the legal system for its war on piracy, civil conspiracy, deceptive trade practices, trespassing and computer fraud.

Link: http://torrentfreak.com/riaa-sued-for-fraud-abuse-and-legal-sham-090301/


I never understood why they sue someone barely making ends meat for thousands of dollars… For better or worse the law will catch up to the internet age and hopefully prevent abuses like these (RIAA) instead of allowing it.

I will watch this case with great interest.
As we have commented before, media sentry was in effect wire-tapping, something the authorities can not do without a warrant. Thus their activities are illegal. They then pursued their prey relentlessly, sometimes on the flimsiest of evidence amounting to no evidence at all.
One of the elements of guilt for a prosecution to occur is “mens Rea” a guilty knowledge of the offence taking place. Thus some one using your ip address to commit the offences without your knowledge is the guilty person not you. The RIAA’s legal team seemed to be unable to grasp this concept, a foundation stone of the legal system.