RIAA strikes back on Jupiter report

I just posted the article RIAA strikes back on Jupiter report….

Last month Jupiter reported that experienced online song-swappers are more likely to buy new music than average music fans, not less. Now the RIAA this week blasted this report issuing its own data…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3834-RIAA-strikes-back-on-Jupiter-report___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3834-RIAA-strikes-back-on-Jupiter-report___.html)

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It is nice to blame a general drop in sales (due to the slight recession) on the copying business. True, it is the teen generation that downloads the most (and sells the most to relatives and friends) and I can imagine that does affect overall sales. But the greatest truth of all is the one about statistics: “Tell me what you want to prove and I’ll prove it with statistics” That quote is in the same line as: “There is lies, more lies and there is statistics”. Any research is as good and valid as its assumptions…

Ehm RIAA should ponder - if it’s the quolity of the music getting released - bubblegum pop and plastic artists like eminem - that preach a don’t give a damn - attitude - which they obviously don’t lead in their private lives, are making a stand that changes a portion of the population in a way making then be apathetic, so why would they expect them to respect their “rights”, that along with the high $ that companies charge .that makes the public act in the way it does. But let RIAA, watch their profits fall… I buy a $%$^load of original albums - coz i really like the music that i listen to, but then again - a lot of the stuff i seek are either out of print or hard to get … so what riaa does for me ??? making fancy statements ? THINK !

Poor RIAA they are loosing money… suck my dick RIAA with a crappy piece of less than 1 dolla plastic :wink: Boycott RIAA and copy protected CDS. I have difficulties making cdr for my personal fucking car use. I think i’ll be back downloading MP3 and burning them to cd for my car. They don’t understand that illegal tocs and other crap is nerving legitimate users and those users will probably return downloading mp3. And a word for CDS and keyaudio producers: fuck you, I use a lite-on and I always fuck your useless money making crap coming down your ass.

There’s only one way get our radio stations back in our hands. There’s only one way to get quality artists and good music published again. There’s only one way to end the monopolistic price gouging of cds. There’s only one way to save our internet radio stations. There’s only one way to stop the beast. YOU MUST STOP PURCHASING ALL CDs MADE BY THE RIAA. BOYCOTT THE RIAA

The only reason they’re bitching [RIAA] about teenagers is because that’s the demographic most of their manufactured music is aimed towards. The record companies have sunk millions into this new, highly contrived and musically lacking breed of ‘new musicians’. How many older, music savvy adults are actually going out to buy themselves a copy of the newest O-Town cd?

I’m 15, I fileshare, and I buy a lot of music… from independent labels. What does Hillary Rosen think of me? I would buy her protected music if it didn’t suck so bad.

good lad, RIAA and all the organizations who do nothing and try to make oney out of it will fail… RIAA has no reason of existance … if prices were not over inflated. a cd could easily cost 1/3 of it’s current price if it wasnt for the middle men/orgs etc …nd then piracy would be eliminated… RIAA do yourselves a favor and be oblitared… and fianlly paraphrasing a FIREHOUSE song - bye bye RIAA bye bye, the public just hates you… i mena dontchya know ???

liam galagher from oasis said on radio 1 that he thinks the availability of their album online before its release will improve sales!

They are complaining about the teens getting all their music from online but they’re missing the biggest point. QUESTION: Why do teens go to so much effort to get cd’s from online. ANSWER: They dont have much cash and cant afford the ridiculasly high prices that the RIAA wants to charge them and rip them off with. If the RIAA is that worried about teens why dont they reflect this by lower pricing to reflect a group that obviously cant afford high prices.

Isn’t it fairly bloody obvious why the average teenager in each country want to download his/her music for free? First of all, obviously, it’s free. Secondly, It pisses off the bigots who sit with their fat cigars saying “Buy this CD, it’s really cool and this band/artist will be your hero/s for weeks until we bring some other crap out.” Thirdly, with a cable modem and a PC at home why walk to the shops to find a CD, go to the counter, hand over the money for it, get home and find it’s a load of tripe? Far easier isn’t it to sit at home in your bedroom or wherever and download it fairly quickly without queueing and virtually for free. It doesn’t matter what the RIAA do to get their business back unless they lower prices and offer better music and give us better artists. And not piss-artists… Greetz all :8

Lately I was in a local music store checking the ‘bargain’ shelf. During the time I spend in this shop 2 youngsters where asking for the latest CD from “Boehse Onkels” resp. a new Techno/Rave Compilation. Both of them bought the CD’s without hesitating although the prices where hilarious (25 Euro for the Compilation and about 18 for the other CD. Who says teenagers have no money and/or do not spent it for new CD’s? I’m a little bit older and buy still a lot of CD’s. But I compare prices first and often the music I like is very hard to get (and often for a price above each reasonable level). I DON’T BUY CD’s IF THEY ARE COPY PROTECTED! I will rather download them from the internet, even if the quality is less satifactory.

The cd prices are pretty high (about 21€ in here), but I don’t consider it beeing too high if I get really good/HQ music. I really wouldn’t spend over 20 € to a Britney Spears album…

how does one recognize if a CD is from the RIAA? behind which labels are they?

Smash the control images, smash the control machine.