RIAA spent $2 million lobbying for tougher IP laws in 2007



These days, the Recording Industry Association of America is arguably best known for its legal campaign against P2P users—filing over 25,000 copyright infringement lawsuits in a few short years will do that, I guess. But as a music industry trade group, the group has several other responsibilities. One of those is lobbying Congress for tougher copyright laws, an endeavor that the group spent nearly $2.1 million on in 2007.

Link: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080421-riaa-spent-2-million-lobbying-for-tougher-ip-laws-in-2007.html





an endeavor that the group spent nearly $2.1 million on in 2007.

Well then , we now know piracy cost at least $2.1 million in 2007…


Rather then improve download and make money for themselves they would spend the 2 Mil fighting fighting a loosing battle. When they could find better way to spend that money to reduce cost of CDs and make for no more DRM downloads would make more money in the end for them. But as always GREED always seem to come first before the consumers…GREED is their only friend and whom they are married to…


Couldnt agree more. though begs the question, why on earth would they try something that stupid?

Hackers over the globe would have a fit if they passed that and the fact that it would restrict about 90% of the worlds music fund.