RIAA sends subpoenas to ISPs to reveal indentities of pirates, WAR!



I just posted the article RIAA sends subpoenas to ISPs to reveal indentities of pirates, WAR!.

 Reuters reports that the RIAA is currently preparing for a real war  against music pirates. The Recording Industry Association of America has now  send subpoenas to the ISPs requesting them...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6245-RIAA-sends-subpoenas-to-ISPs-to-reveal-indentities-of-pirates-WAR.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6245-RIAA-sends-subpoenas-to-ISPs-to-reveal-indentities-of-pirates-WAR.html)

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Woo hoo! Let battle commence…cancel the three ring circus, close all the shops in the mall…then bring on that encrypted and anonymous file sharing software…:d


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Most people I know, including myself, have a finite amount of disposable income. I hope the RIAA is considering that if they offend thier customer base sufficiently with litigation and intimidation, they will lose it to other entertainment mediums. The litigation will leave a bad taste in many peoples mouths. I intend to spend my money elsewhere already. :r


Support the boycott! Don’t buy any CDs produced by RIAA associated labels. No exceptions. If all p2p users would stick to the boycott, the RIAA would be bankrupt in no time!


I got only two words for the RIAA, but I can’t post them here… :X


Count me in on the boycott. I also have 1800 co workers. I will ask everyone I run into…




With more software programs like new Kaza Light K++ arriving on the Web, they will catch only the laziest or stupiedest people (and may be few dozens first :frowning: )


Why is everyone on this board so Pro-Peer2Peer? I always thought this site was about exercising our right to fair use. Downloading music you do not own is NOT fair use. /MLS


Hey MLS…remember the first casualty here was our right to make legal backups of legally owned legitimate media…the witchhunt ensued…with our rights getting the drowning chair…invasion of privacy, assumption of guilt…a professor of law or a music teacher can do time for the innocent act of copying a few pages from a book in the library to hand out to students for the purpose of clarifying or furthering a lesson…I guess (looking outside the square) people want the right to actually commit the crime before they get pilloried…it’s a crazy world, but it’s the only one we got…:X


If more people started using P2P, and heavily, the RIAA would be bankrupt in no time because of the legal fees to sue them.:):B


Hey Sherriff… the better question is what your point about the RIAA taking away our rights has to do with the legality of stealing. It is illegal reguardless of what the RIAA does or has done. Though, your point is a bit misunderstood. The RIAA is suing in America and as it stands only a handfull of discs are copy protected here in America. I’ve yet to even purchase one that was. So really that’s not even a valid point. I’m not taking the RIAA’s side, but I’m not taking the side of theives either. Theft is theft.


point I’m trying to make is…if you or any law abiding, church going folk are making backups of your purchased media, then you are probably in breach of this act and are guilty of theft…or in simpler terms…this act makes crimminals out of law abiding people…I hope your standing up so none of this goes over your head… :X


And let me apologise… I take back what I said (in other thread) about you being good politician material…your to good for that… Go and nudge billy graham off his chair…:X


When will you people get it right? Copyright Infringement != THEFT, they are 2 diffrent things ENTIRELY


“…the RIAA is currently preparing for a real war against music pirates.” Note to the RIAA: Welcome to the Matrix snicker


Hey StrongBad will YOU get it right… Price Fixing = Illegal Monopolising for personal gain = Illegal the line has been drawn and don’t let me see you hanging around my camp after the shitfight…capice?..comprende?..unnerstan?..:X


GristyMcFisty: Give me that mic, you petty excuse for an officer! Ludicrous speed! CrabbyAppleton: Don’t consider yourself a customer fan base if you have finite wealth. I’m sure they wouldn’t. Dentman42: Forget the boycott. The only people you’d hurt are the artists since the big 5 have control over money flow. The RIAA isn’t going anywhere. AFAIK, they are a non-profit group supported by tax money. so they are here to stay as long as you pay taxes. But I could be wrong. Kiron: that should make you happy. Since you seem well educated in P2P info, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. right? MLS: You nailed it perfectly. Sherriff: We do have a legal right to make backups. If companies impose copyright restrictions, we should be able to circumvent those to make backups. Either that, or the companies must replace and damaged media at their expense, so questions asked. I agree with fair use totally. kwkard: im not sure u can bankrupt them. but Im not 100% sure. jab1981: yes, 2 wrongs dont make a right. if you believe the RIAA is in the wrong, vigilante justice is not the way. Sharing is wrong. In the physical sense, it’s handing a CD to someone, so they can use it. and you can use it only when they give it back. It really has to do with one person has control over an object at a time. Strongbad: you are right. Theft and copy right infringement are 2 different things. Your point?


Maybe the DMCA changed this, but I do believe that as part of the copyright we are allowed a backup. Remember when all that computer software TOLD the user to make a copy and keep it in a safe place? Of course that was software, but still. Clearly we don’t need backups anymore, because CD’s NEVER go bad. They don’t ever get too hot or get scratched or warp or anything like that.
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