RIAA sends piracy complaints and warnings to 300 companies

I just posted the article RIAA sends piracy complaints and warnings to 300 companies.

On Yahoo! News we can read that the RIAA has send letters to 300 American companies. In the letter the RIAA complains about alleged acts of piracy and copyright infringement in their corporate…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5576-RIAA-sends-piracy-complaints-and-warnings-to-300-companies.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5576-RIAA-sends-piracy-complaints-and-warnings-to-300-companies.html)

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Would the admins of these companies be firstly concerned with possible file trading or the fact that the RIAA had been rooting around in their network…:7

its not hard. people connect to kazaa, the riaa checks IP’s in the registar. boom, they know where the guy with the 5000 mp3’s gets his bandwidth from. //little simplistic

Isn’t that violating our privacy act? :8

‘Isn’t that violating our privacy act?’ of course it does violate the privacy right. every democratic country THEORETICALLY ensures that you have the right to privacy. now, if there is a legitimate suspicion that you are a criminal, the judge may allow the police to spy on you, but RIAA spies on everybody, it sniffs the entire fasttrack network. this way it can see what ALL of us download. but maybe I download the pdf version of King James’s bible. it’s my business. RIAA has no right to sniff into my business. There is no difference between spyware, that monitors which pages you visit, email spying hardware used by the fbi and cia and riaa’s spying - it’s all a violation of privacy, because NO legitimate institution is allowed to spy on anybody, just because it wants to do so. :frowning:

Isn’t it possible that bad economy is responsible for the 9% CD Sales Slump?

NO NIDER, obviously, the music being produced now is better than it has ever been. We all know that everyone in the world has loads of extra money during an economic slump, so the sale of overpriced, crappy CD’s should be through the roof. [/sarcasm] Honestly, the RIAA can make profits again as soon as they realize that their fifty year old business model needs to be updated. Imagine if they’re still trying to sell us hard copies of music in ten years. It’s insane to believe that the music business can ignore wired transmission as a viable (and primary) means of distributing music and collecting revenue.

I hate the RIAA:4 How is it that these P2P networks have not sued the bastards (oh, I mean the RIAA) yet for intrusion of privacy?

privacy act? damn you nuke, im cleaning the pepsi off my monitor now. that was hilarious. then i read wrfan’s response, and, well, i need a new pepsi.

A company with 100’s of MP3’s on their HD’s isn’t likely to sue the RIAA (I nearly typed IRAA :o ) for privacy intrusion. Besides, anything you share is public.

Makes my heart fkn bleed! NOT! For the purposes of appearing to retain the political upperhand, the RIAA seemingly chooses to ignore the fact that just as much of their sales slump can be attributed to the rise in popularity of the DVD as it can to online file sharing. If I have $30 disposable income every month and I spend it on DVDs then I can’t also spend $30 on CDs CAN I?!? In the past, people might have waited with their VHS recorders to record television transmissions of their favourite films. NOWadays, however, unless you are seriously well-off (and can thus afford a standalone DVD-/+R recorder), you will only just have bought a playback-only DVD player, and will be forced to buy films rather than record them from the television. Thus, CD buying has taken a backseat so the buying public are now spending what little disposable income they have on building up their DVD film collections. So YES, online file sharing has made a dent in the RIAA’s profits, but it’s utter nonsense (and downright offensive) for the RIAA to insist that file sharing is specifically, and entirely, to blame. I look upon the music recording industry with utter disdain - hell, many recording ARTISTS look upon the industry with disdain! For FAR too long, the leeches who run the industry have profited from the efforts of those with talent, have charged extortionate sums for album sales, and have done nothing to make buying their products more attractive (or fair) to the consumer. Until they put and end to their disgusting greed (which, incidentally, they never will), then I see no reason why consumers shouldn’t continue to ‘give them the middle’, and level the playing field the only way they can - via the internet. IF downloading an album or two means that an RIAA fatcat has to make do with nylon, rather than leather, upholstery on his new Mercedes, then all well and good. I should add that despite my above remarks, I own over 400 genuine, shop-bought, CD albums, and do not have an internet connection fast enough to make file-sharing viable. Nevertheless, I support those who are on cable or ADSL and are standing up to the greed of corporations who have far too much influence over the senate, and who appear to believe that they are a law unto themselves. “Vive la internet!!” ('scuse bad French!)

this is a link taken from wired news.com concerning an article about a Texas Rep. John Carter who wants To o jail some college students to scare people away from illegal file sharing. http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,58081,00.html interesting readup on the issue of filesharing. :8

Typical dumbass politician. Jailing college students is not goin’ to solve the problem, dickhead! For one thing, they can always use Internet cafe or other means of file sharing. Also, what about college/uni students in other countries – countries where a student at most can earn about two US dolllar a month. Do u think these kids would give a F**K about the RIAA and going to jail for file sharing? No wonder judges, politicians and the rest of the wankers live their OWN world…not the one where most of us live in! :frowning:

consider living in their world, or risk spending time in federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison

podunkviller: U don’t understand my statement do u? Jailing college kids is NOT going to solve the problem! In fact, it will have a reverse psychology effect where students would increase file sharing – cause as with human behaviour: the more u r taunted or pushed, the more daring and reckless u become. Also, do u honestly think students in the poor countries are going to give a FK about the RIAA? Scaremongering does not a have an effect on poor people. Try to be poor for once then u will see the real meaning of "I DON’T GIVE A FK ABOUT THE RIAA!" The only solution (that might work) is to lower the prices of entertainment media while upgrading on their quality – both hardware and artistic. Until the RIAA can do this, they r not going to DETER or STOP anybody! And remember, American jurisdistion stays in America – other people have their own rules. capise!