RIAA says you're lucky CD's are so cheap!

I just posted the article RIAA says you’re lucky CD’s are so cheap!.

So our good old friends at the RIAA are spreading some more FUD that we as consumers are lucky that CD’s are so cheap now. Apparently they think that as time goes on, items get more expensive…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12973-RIAA-says-youre-lucky-CDs-are-so-cheap.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12973-RIAA-says-youre-lucky-CDs-are-so-cheap.html)

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I would bet the cost to do what the RIAA says: find and produce great talent/CD’s, is cheaper than it is to produce a blockbuster movie, yet movie prices have gone down over the years, look at all the $10 DVD’s each week in the sunday ads. Movies have almost the same ability as CD’s except the encryption which most people can get around.

If the RIAA said the sun was a ball of burning gas, I wouldn’t believe them. Losers. :r

“I remember a time when it was justified for CD’s to be twice the price of a vinyl album, because the red lasers to create these wonders were uber expensive.” CDs use infrared lasers. Normal DVDs are red lasers. "Heck I remember the original CD’s being so strong and resistant that they would barely scratch. " You mean CDs used to be more scratch resistant than they are today?

“HAHAHAHAHA omg” it’s just what comes to my head :+ :S

The RIAA is lucky I spend any $$ on CD’s. Most of what is produced these days is crap. Is it any wonder that most TV shows and commercials choose music from the 60’s-80’s as theme songs. What a bunch of losers…

What is going to stop people from purchasing ALL of their music online if CD prices do anything but drop? RIAA is going to end up slitting its own throat. In what other industry does a group antagonize its customers as much as the music industry? They make me sick! :r

Effing wankers. DVDs have come down in price HEAPS. I can get a whole boxset TV season for around 30 to 40 bucks. That’s good stuff too. In AUD also, which much less when converted to US dollar. So why the **** are music cds still costing 30 dollars an album? Pretty stupid, they are asking people to pirate things. At least with DVDs, if you can get a DVD for around 10-15 bucks, there’s no point in piracy at all. Factor in the prices of buying media, renting the disc to copy, disc storage, printing labels, hell you might as well buy the original, which is what many people do!!

Well, they are just asking for it now! With such an idiotic comment like that, they DESERVE to have all the music pirated !! :r

I don’t remember CDs were ever cheap. Even at $9.99 it’s still quite expensive compares to $5 DVD from Bestbuy.

I do not remember CDs were ever cheap. Even at $9.99 it is still quite expensive compares to $5 DVD from Bestbuy.

cd pirate gets it. At $10 a disc nobody makes money unless the volume is ensane. Gee, I thought marketing takes into account that profit is only achieved after a particular number is sold? Of course sold would be based on content actually being worth buying, there’s a concept.

Actually the RIAA is lucky that there are idiots still buying their products and supporting them. If people ever educate themselves about what has been going on the RIAA will likely be looking for a government bailout…given the politicians they have fattened up they should be able to swing that. :B