RIAA raids alleged NY music pirates - three people arrested

I just posted the article RIAA raids alleged NY music pirates - three people arrested.

PCWorld.com reports that last Monday the RIAA and the U.S. Secret Service raided an alleged music piracy operation in New York, seizing what they say is the largest quantity of recording equipment…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5064-RIAA-raids-alleged-NY-music-pirates---three-people-arrested.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5064-RIAA-raids-alleged-NY-music-pirates---three-people-arrested.html)

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How come every time they catch a pirate. They call it the biggest operation yet. Something weird is going on here.

“Biggest piracy bust yet. A CD burner and a 25 pack of recordable CDs was confiscated from a 65 year old woman who was apparently plotting to copy gospel music for her church group costing the industry at least $100…” yeah, that’s what’s next… :wink:

“Biggest piracy bust yet. Ten CD burner and a 50 pack of recordable CDs was confiscated from a 55 year old man who was apparently plotting to copy his own compositions to his friends, each copy sold for $7…” yeah, continue that…

c44, do you have a fan club ?? If, then i wanna join it…Where can i find the old woman ? I wanna by a copy…:slight_smile:

the U.S. Secret Service is looking for Music Pirates, who did they expect to find Mr Bin Laden copying holy songs, why not use Satelites to track down illegal recordings and let the less important things like murders etc … for the police :frowning:

Trust me, I know cops. They’re not gonna take the time to look for murders, and rapists anyway.

Police should be spending their time doing more important things like spending time catching violent criminals. Atleast though this is not a crackdown on home copying or downloading, so I can’t complain too much. If it was I would be extremely PISSED!!!

The efforts spent on this activity may be more than it’s worth. For an update of one such “software pirate” and his life in prison, see http://www.freerobrothberg.com

skivarp> sorry, no fan club… yet… :slight_smile: