RIAA publishes the final specifications for the DualDisc format



I just posted the article RIAA publishes the final specifications for the DualDisc format.

 Although  the DualDisc (CD/DVD-Audio hybrid) has been in use since May  2004, the RIAA has only just published the final specifications for the  DualDisc format.  The RIAA also controls...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10247-RIAA-publishes-the-final-specifications-for-the-DualDisc-format.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10247-RIAA-publishes-the-final-specifications-for-the-DualDisc-format.html)

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If it does not conmply with existing Redbook standards, toss it. That comment is especially in light nof the fact that it won’t play in all players.


Well… I control the licencing for the “Alternate Format Grilled Cheese Sandwich!”… Put the cheese on the other side of the bread and send me a buck each time!..ooops… Thats toast!:d mmmm… RIAA… I’m sure its a NAZI acronym of something


They released even tho Sony, pioneer and Hitachi released warnings against playing them in their players?


Here is the problems folks: The RIAA and it’s members use this proprietary format which causes the buying public to pressure manufacturers to make their players compatible. When this happens no major lable will continue to use the CD format. Now we have a real friggen problem. The RIAA will control the format used to produce playable media which means that any independent who wants to sell artists works will have to get a license to produce the media format. So now you have the RIAA squeezing the competition, jacking around with licensing fees and forcing the indies either out of business or controlling pricing through licensing fees. Eventually any company anywhere that doesnt play by the RIAAs rules is screwed. So will the public bite? Hell yes they will. Bill gates has been leading them around by the nose for years. So if music is being released on whtever the RIAA dictates that will be the way it is and they will be getting a cut from the increasing competition by charging licensing fees. Is anyone going to stop this? Hell no because people are sheep. Tell me I am full of crap if you want, but watch what happens with this scheme. This is just the first part of a very calculated scheme. Own the media format and the next thing is manufacturers will have to pay fees just to make the players…and can you imagine what it will cost to make a recorder? Grab your ass folks the big one is coming.


All my praise for rla!!! - well summed. It makes me speechless :r
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RLA, Manu’s have to pay royalties for producing equipment now. They have to pay Philips for CD playing equipment and God knows who they have to pay royalties for to make DVD players. I don’t disagree, however, when you say that the RIAA should not be making the choices in audio formats. But, if an independent artist wants to produce his/her own album, then they can still use the good ol’ standby: CD’s. Nothing says that they have to go with the RIAA’s crap. Which leads me to my next suggestion, instead of calling the format Dual Disc (DD), how about calling it Dumb Ass (DA). :B


“They released even tho Sony, pioneer and Hitachi released warnings against playing them in their players?” Like I said: “Toss it!” Stiff it on the shelves and it dies - period.
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“people are sheep” Nonsense. people are MUPPETS!!! I for one am a hard working young man and I certainly will not allow the RIAA to dictate my viewing and audio pleasure. Don’t buy: there will be alternatives!




Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I will just cough purchase audios online instead of buying this…so call format being promoted (dictated … DICTATOR… NAZI~!!!) by RIAA instead and BURN IT on CD/DVD format I CHOOSE. HA~!!! what cha gonna do now? if i don’t buy your stupid dualdisc ? :X :X :X
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:+ How about producing better music and getting rid of the music merry-go-round that plays on the radio whenever the damn commercials stop playing. almost forgot … Kiss my ass RIAA & MPAA!
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