RIAA plans to sue hundreds of people using P2P software

I just posted the article RIAA plans to sue hundreds of people using P2P software.

After the RIAA’s victory against ISP Verizon Communications, in which the ISP was forced to turn over the names of alleged music pirates, the anti-piracy group is on the hunt again for…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6111-RIAA-plans-to-sue-hundreds-of-people-using-P2P-software.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6111-RIAA-plans-to-sue-hundreds-of-people-using-P2P-software.html)

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Frickin wankers. Sooo glad I live in the UK. If they try this over here and sue me I’m just going to declare bankruptcy. It’ll help me get rid of my student loans at the same time. They’ll probaby fuck up my life, credit, possibilty of getting a house etc just because I shared a few songs but hey, what do they care - it’s hurting their profits. They can only afford one Ferrari each. Bin Laden - BLOW THEM UP!!!

Cary Sherman, I’ve hired an attorney to counter sue Verizon and the RIAA. :X

Bring it on RIAA, this is VERY good news. Nothing will motivate people like this to do some real payback to the RIAA, a few years of this and people will be parking rider trucks full of fertilizer at an RIAA office, Tim McVeigh style.

I’m glad I don’t use Kazaa.

Maybe this would be a good time to organize a national boycott of music cd’s. I sure wouldn’t have any problem.

So a press release effected your life? Gee I wonder people could this be the reason they are doing this? There are so many users of P2P software that if the RIAA sued and won vs every person they contacted they would never be able to work through 10% of all the users who use P2P software I bet there are more NEW P2P users every day then the RIAA could even contact if they have rooms and rooms full of fax machines going 24x7 to every ISP everywhere. It’s like when you speed everyone speeds 100% of the time there are so few cops most people never get pulled over and still people continue to speed, so now they just put up cameras to send bills in the mail cause there are so many speeders, and they can’t do anything about it but ‘tax’ speeding.

This is just a joke to me. Do they think that suing file sharers will encourage CD sales or compensate for the loss due to piracy? The record industry will still lose money since they can’t get all the shaerers in court. Court time will be wasted on prosecuting pirates, not murderers, rapists, or drug dealers who are (IMHO) a menace to society. I bet the RIAA’s site will get hack sooner or later. My message to the RIAA: You can win many battles, but still lose the war.

This is bad news. They don’t have to sue ALL of us. Remember all those reports over the past few years about how 90% of the files were hosted by one percent of the users? RIAA’s going after that 1% and when they’re gone, nothing will be left on the network. Systems like eDonkey should be able to resist this but eDonkey sucks for anything smaller than 650MB. But this could really wipe out Kazaa and Gnutella.

Where the hell is that P2P software I read about long ago here that made everyone anonymous and could not be traced? Guess it was just a impossible dream.

The anonymous software is called FreeNet and it is still in development and an RC can be downloaded and tried out. The funny thing is that I once shared 30K songs on Kazaa just to see what people would try to grab from me. I stopped doing it after I noticed how much CPU that took up and how most of the songs people downloaded were shitty songs that I kept just because.
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Anyone got a digital DVB (digital satellite card)?? Tune in to an ad-free chart station (or your choice of music) and click ‘record’. Ok, the music is 192kbps MP2 instead of 128kbps MP3 and you’ll need MP3DirectCut to split the recorded MP3 file into single tracks, but the audio quality still sounds a lot better than what most people share on Kazaa. Next task for the RIAA: Shut down terresterial, cable and satellite radio? Put watermarks in live broadcasts so soundcards, tape/video/DVD recorders, etc. will not allow recording?? RIAA: They are as good as a grocery shop arresting its own customers! Butter your bread in a friends house (grocery product sharing) and you’re breaking the law… Oops :d
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LOL! This is really great news… Let them sue the millions of people sharing… This will need lots of lawyers who charge lots of money which they will spend to get nothing in return because most of the people behind the computers are minors and broke people who cant afford anything… They will then go bankrupt and be no more! I like it! :d

“RIAA: They are as good as a grocery shop arresting its own customers! Butter your bread in a friends house (grocery product sharing) and you’re breaking the law… Oops” My god you people are silly. It sounds like you suffer from the same twisted logic the RIAA uses. As it stands grocery stores do arrest it’s customers when they try to obtain goods for free. They’re called shoplifters.

Those f____n ba___rds. What I’d like to do I dare not say here. I’m so angry that I could crush all of those sh_t heels and it still wouldn’t be enough damage. I hope people out there are seriously boycotting these fools. You know the motion picture industry is sure to follow. Damn Them All To Hell.

http://www.eff.org/IP/P2P/music-to-our-ears.php Boycott the RIAA. Join the EFF.

Rethinking there business model is a much wiser strategy than using unpopular laws to enforce what they think people should do. If bottled water can have a viable business model when free tap water is available (it’s free where I live), then Music CD’s can to. When a customer feels that she/he is not getting value for money than they will seek other avenues for a better product, e.g. like p2p. If these avenues are then closed, it is unlikely they will return again to the source that they feel is not providing the best value for money. They will vote with there feet by refusing the buy. So laws are not the answer by any means, there has to be a change in the way the customer views the product. I have seen DVD movies were I live selling for £9.99 but the soundtrack music CD on the same shelf beside them, selling for £16.99 ( from HMV)!? Would you buy the soundtrack at this price? Pirates are not the only problem here, how on earth can you expect a product to sell when it is overpriced like this. Suing hundreds of people out of millions using P2P software is unlikely to convince people to buy there product or even stop sharing what they feel shouldn’t. Thousands of people are killed on the roads each year, but it does not stop people from using them. RIAA needs to make some changes quickly to win back customer confidence or its going to be a very rough ride for them ahead.