RIAA ordered to pay a defendant's legal fees

I just posted the article RIAA ordered to pay a defendant’s legal fees.

Back in November 2004 in one of RIAA’s rounds of lawsuits, one of those targeted was Deborah Foster, where the RIAA claimed it had evidence that her IP address was involved in illegal file…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13536-RIAA-ordered-to-pay-a-defendants-legal-fees.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13536-RIAA-ordered-to-pay-a-defendants-legal-fees.html)

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After reading the pdf transcript of the settlement requirements , the Recording Ass. legal wankers quibbled every cent on the woman’s legal expense sheet down to the last decimal point , reducing every thing to the bare minimums and then some! , including eliminating almost all conference hours spent outside the court room , reduced the lawyers fee to the basic scale minimum of $175 per hour , not the specialist scale $225 per hour , that was required to fight them, whilst hiding their own fees and charges! Finally to add insult to injury they tried the old ploy , of reducing the penalty payment even further , but the Judge said literally enough is enough you have been told now this is what you have to pay up now! So even then the poor woman is still out of pocket a considerable sum of money and spent a lot of unpaid hours fighting them since 2004 to final judgement date! Time is long overdue for RICO , to sink the Recoding Ass! of America. Still the judgement decision sets a precedent , which means any failed litigation on their side of the fence can now be set aside with prejudice , as they can now no longer withdraw and retreat as in the past , leaving the litigant with unpaid legal bills caused by their failed actions and leaving the question of future legal action hanging over your head! Still , it raises one question yet to be answered , where is and what has happened to all the funds raised from the 20,000 plus settlement fees levied against the past victims of this extortion vendetta? Finally if the civil RICO case goes down against them in Oregon or Texas , that will open a brand new case of vicious worms with big teeth!

So how is RIAA different from the Mafia’s extortion?

The mafia will leave your fingers broken, while the RIAA will leave your bank account broken.

These suits have always been about money. Think motorcycle cops and tickets. The RIAA wants to stop downloads as much as traffic cops want to stop speeding. This case is wonderful because it cost the RIAA money. Few more like this and the madness may end.

Honestly, I think it may take more than that, especially since the RIAA is coming out on top most of the time. The only way I see this changing is if the RIAA’s intentions / methods get further exposed…and they start losing more than they win. The amount that the RIAA had to pay in this case doesn’t hold a candle to how much money they’ve already screwed people out of. This is a small price to them.

Good thing that this is now established precendent. It can now be used in all future cases–provided all the lawyers defending their clients know about it. A victory for the small guy! :B