RIAA: online piracy has devastating impact on music business

I just posted the article RIAA: online piracy has devastating impact on music business.

Quakester2000 and GristyMcFisty both informed us about
an article over at BBC News. According to Cary Sherman, head of the RIAA, the
impact of online piracy on the U.S. music business has…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7875-RIAA-online-piracy-has-devastating-impact-on-music-business.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7875-RIAA-online-piracy-has-devastating-impact-on-music-business.html)

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It couldn’t be that people like me whose dollars go to DVDs now, could it? I’m proud to say that in the last two years, I’ve purchased a total of 4 CDs. 2 were local charity efforts, and two were imports, both used.:B And no, I don’t download music. I don’t have the time to look for it.

I don’t think piracy single-handedly made CD sales drop 31% in 3 years. I think it has a lot to do with the crap music that companies are putting out now and expect you to buy for higher prices. I used to be a heavy CD buyer, but I very rarely hear music on the radio that makes me want to own it. Or maybe it’s the playlists for the big radio conglomerates. It seems as though almost all of the original ear-catching music these days is from independent artists. Maybe the record companies should look to themselves for a drop in sales. Just my $.02…

In other news: * DVD’s offer more ‘bang for the buck’ then music CD’s * CD prices fixed, record industry investigated by S.E.C. @HarmlessGryphon Same here, alhough I did by StrongBad’s CD from www.homestarrunner.com :slight_smile:

More Diatribe from another person who sees his own demise in the failing of an industry build on chicanery and half truths…have a good trip down the “s” bend cary…ya friggin’ tarts skirt…:X

I buy music, a few CD’s every month. Only so I can rip it. For professional rip groups of course. Buying CD’s to rip them does more harm to the RIAA than good- Thats why I love it. I hope and prey the RIAA dies everyday. I’d smile upon seeing news of “terrorist attact on RIAA headquarters” lol. :g

stupid RIAA annoys me like a pimple on my ass… :r

RIAA are crying littl’ bitches… Thats what happen when you guys don’t adapt… With all your MBAs and Dr. Degrees the RIAA forgot about the Darwinism(sp) theory… :wink:

Yeh…right…like every downloaded song = a lost CD sale, like every purchased pirated movie DVD = a lost Movie ticket sale…get real, human nature decrees we like to get something for nothing, (or pay the cheepest price possible as all the advertising we are bombarded with suggest) long while" they" demand such inflated prices for their goods we will continue to look elsewhere for better prices, and if that means pirated…so be it! Afetrall we HOW LITTLE of the profit goes to the artist!

Preach it! Down with the RIAA!
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Shit music = shit sales. Its so fucking clear. If I hear just one more ‘cover’ version or bastardized classic that has been ripped and torn torn to fit fit in some hip hop concept band (Westlife’s version of the the Who’s Behind Blue Eyes comes to mind). I will do what they fear most… TURN THE FUCKING MUSIC OFF!:frowning:

The RIAA is full of it. The recording industry has more protections than most, turns out inferior product and whines that pirates are picking their pocketts. Get real RIAA morons. Look at the European recording industry back when Indy labels were flourishing and then go look at the Billboard Indy charts. Get a clue. You people are intimidating the public with your crap and you are seeing the backlash. Not a day passes that I don’t hear adults talking about what a bunch of bullies you are. People are refusing to buy your rotten overpriced products. Just how much is a coaster full of crap worth to you people? If I managed a retail store and lost money on 95 percent of my product would my company accept that it was shoplifters that did it or lousey management? Give us some product we would want to buy and stop allowing your artists to put 90 percent crap on a product you should take some pride in. Where have you guys been for the past 20 years?

If by “devastating impact” the RIAA means “Online piracy has a devastating impact on our ability to keep a tight monopolistic control system in place over the music industry, and our ability to shaft artists by keeping in place a draconian system of sharecropping where they get almost nothing and we get almost all profits”, then yes, I’d say the RIAA is right. But of course, if that isn’t what they mean, they’re full of it. And if it is, then as usual it shows that greed and power is more important to them than music. They don’t care about good music, they care about controlling product that makes them money.

bobsen you took the words right out of my mouth!! people dont wanna pay for “shit”!:S