RIAA: One fast burner equals three slow ones

I just posted the article RIAA: One fast burner equals three slow ones.

In a recent press release RIAA claimed that a piracy bust resulted in the confiscation of “the equivalent of 421 CD-R burners”. According to The Register RIAA’s “equivalent” only means 156 real…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5075-RIAA-One-fast-burner-equals-three-slow-ones.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5075-RIAA-One-fast-burner-equals-three-slow-ones.html)

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I’m not sure everyone grasps the great news here. This means that the five burners I have now actually represent more like 12 burners and that would mean that I have made quite the investment. Think I’ll place an add for the spare 7 burners that I don’t need. Thanks RIAA for helping me see the true value of my hardware… morons… At least we know now that any number mentioned by the RIAA when it comes to piracy should really be devided by three to get a more accurate picture of the actual amounts involved. // swede_242

I wonder how long until someone sells a burner "The equivalent of 4 CD Burners) on eBay…

Maybe this also means that if they confiscated 300 cd’s, they in reality only confiscated 100 pieces but they were oversized … :frowning:

Inversely speaking then… The Fatcat salary at the RIAA is not in the $1,000,000’s but the trillionnnnnnns…:8

What the fuck. A dodge viper goes faster then most cars. That doesn’t mean it counts as three cars. Well I suppose you might think that when you get the insurance bill. But it’s still one car. Greedy Morons.

O my god!!! I have more than one burner!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I love the way they duplicate my burner!! hahaha!!! :smiley:

Great!!!:4 Samsung 32X LiteOn 40X Asus 40X Sony Dvd burner 24X = Equivalent of 11 cdburners + the dvd-burning part = (4,37 gig=6 cdr@ 700mb) X (4 speed)= 8 RIAA burners Total = 19 RIAA burners connected on an Athlon 800…:d

yeah - RIAA - re-inventing MATHS, the wheel etc !!! Bravo RIAA, you show yourselves to be beyond redemption as for intelligence … logic ? what would those be ?

Ok, if we follow their theory this means that everyone in the U.S is it’s own factory, if that is the case why don’t they outsource the work and let us burn their CD’s and send it to their factory to be packaged. hence lower CD pricing :slight_smile: Oh, wait that is piracy…

OK guys, let’s RE-count the numbers of our burner.

3 CD’s sold @ 10€/pc > 1 CD sold @ 22.5€/pc Get the point?!?!?

RIAA may be moronic, but having something like four or five burners on one pc doesn’t sound like “fair use”

RIAA may be moronic, but having something like four or five burners on one pc doesn’t sound like "fair use"
Why not?With all copyprotections lately,you simply can’t backup your important stuff anymore with 1 burner,if you don’t use cr*cks…Heck,I own a audiocd that “can’t”(LOL)be ripped by a computer,but also not by my standalone audiocd copier…audio cd-r cost twice as much as an ordinairy cd-rom,because a part of the profit is used to pay the artists/companies…If I have to pay the extra fee for an empty audio cd-r,but can’t copy my original,where’s MY fair use then???:r

I almost pissed myself reading this article! It’s absolutely hilarious. Especially the last bit about the “sudden upsurge in popularity”

Having four or five guns in the same house doesn’t sound to safe, but no one says shit about it.