RIAA negotiates DRM with XM and other digital radio operators

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 As  satellite and digital radio offers a very wide range of music to choose from,  the music industry is eager to control what consumers can do with radio  broadcasts.  According to the...
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“In order to avoid legal issues, XM Satellite radio discontinued its PC-based receiver such that consumers can no longer digitally record its content to a PC with what ever equipment remains available. When they launched the S50 last year” One side note, XM has the MyFi not the S50. S50 by DEI is a Sirius product and XM radio has the MyFI by Delphi. MyFi does have a small record feature but the Sirius S50 is also an MP3 player as well as portable satellite radio.

I wanna know what it’s going to take to stop the rampant greed on the part of the entertainment industry in general. Legal muscle? Lobbying? Kidnappings? Assasinations? What? This vermin (they’re NOT people) disgusts the hell out of me.

To quote from the movie " the matrix" : It’s just another form of control… we all now how that movie ended :g

It’s getting to be too difficult to listen to music, maybe I’ll just stop.

I recently had the displeasure of listening to Sirius satelite radio in my friend’s car. I couldn’t believe how awful the quality is. Constant hissing, static and background noise. It amazes me that people are paying monthly for garbage sound quality.

It’s probably because he had it sent through a fm transmitter and not directly connected to the radio. All the noises you are hearing are problems caused by analog sources (like fm transmission) not digital which satalite is. Digital all you would get is garble or dead air.

Ah, thanks for the info. It it will be interesting to see how the MyFi gets on the music industry with its recording feature…

Why does a law need to force this, RIAA members can choose not to let sat radio play their songs.

We don’t buy cars with the government thinking we’ll use them for something illegal like robbing a bank. There is no law requiring a governor so the car can’t go faster then the speed limit. Why is EVERY person guilty until proven innocent as far as RIAA is concerned?

Yeah, Neo dies.

No, they want all the air time they can get. They want to have their cake and eat it too!

Because not enough people are doing anything about it. As usual everyone lets the bully walk all over them!

I have a really hard time spending any money on music these days because almost all the money goes to industry A***oles and the RIAA, not the people making the music. Why do I want to pay for some jerk who is trying to restrict my rights??? No one should be buying anything from these leaches. The business model needs to change.

No, Neo doesn’t die, “The control” lost control

In typical fashion the RIAA expects everyone else to go out oif business so they can stay in business. Here you have an industry that has thousands of stations playuing their music and paying the record companies for the right to advertise the record companies music. Every song in every TV show results in a check being written to the industry. Everytime an artist plays his own music at a concert the promoter has to pay royalties. Everytime a juke box is put in a bar there are royalties. If a thrift shop plays the radio they owe royalties. The industry gets caught swindling artists out of royalties. Now they gotta have publishing rights. They make artists pay to make the recording that they master and sell. They stick rediculous packaging costs into recording contracts that artists have to pay. They wholesale CDs at ten bucks or more. …and these jackasses are against the ropes? For God sakes man let me run a record company these clowns are loosing it!

NOT ALL RECORD COMPANIES ARE EVIL! At this moment there are several record companies supporting “Open Music”. Many of the real artists are sitting up and taking notice of companies like “Magnatune.com”, where as an artists you get a 50/50 split of all revenues. Where the buyer can download full songs and only then pick what they want to pay for the music. You can buy hard copy CD’s or download the music in any number of formats including WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG, etc. And yes they actually want you to share it and copy it. Their Moto is “We Are Not EVil”! They stream radio on “Showcast” and of course we still have a right to capture and record radio broadcasts. I don’t think this is a right that the RIAA is ready to challenge, considering recent losses around the world in our favor. At this moment Congressmen are working on clarifying and strengthening the “Fair Use Rights” these corporate thugs are attempting to take from us. We can all help by supporting this new breed of Record Company by shopping and purchasing our music from them. This is a deal where it is a win/win situation for us and the artists. Only Ones Left empty handed are these completely undeserving middlemen! RIAA Take a Hike to the Dark Side of the Moon! :S