RIAA: Music downloaders hurting Haiti



RIAA: Music downloaders hurting Haiti.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/03/EupfgH.jpg[/newsimage]Because a charity album benefiting Haiti was made available through file sharing sites, the music industry says humanitarian efforts have been undermined.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/riaa-music-downloaders-hurting-haiti-26872/](http://www.myce.com/news/riaa-music-downloaders-hurting-haiti-26872/)

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Why does the RIAA treat every illegal download as a lost sale? My guess is that a high percentage of illegal downloaders would not have bought the music if they couldn’t download it illegally. The record companies probably get more sales from people downloading the music, auditioning it and then deciding to buy it verses if it wasn’t downloaded at all.


They are desperate because they are on the brink of oblivion and will not go gently to that goodnight. Corporations have empty souls coupled with one track minds hell-bent on profit at any cost. They have become complacent and now face the prospect of obsolescence but don’t seem to understand that the artificial dam they have created to control the flow of content is not just leaking but has been completely circumvented as the theirs is no longer the only avenue for it travel, so they continue sticking thier fingers into holes along with their heads…


How could the RIAA justify this? They should be ashamed of themselves for having a blog post like that. Most people who downloaded the album wee probably kids.



The RIAA kills a Haitian child every time you download a song.


Another possibility is that some who purchased the CD probably either don’t have a clue how to rip it or figure it’s handier to just download the songs instead for their iPod/MP3 player.


as usual, more sensationalist BS from the RIAA spin machine.

  1. No one cares about Haiti or your failed attempts at a straw-man argument.
  2. No one cares about that shoddy song and if they do, then why would you treat the only people who are willing to listen to your crap with such hostile demeanor?
  3. Everything you do makes no business sense. Are you just being a douche-bag for the sake of it?
    RIAA - We don’t make music. We make music illegal!


The RIAA needs to disappear of the face of the earth!


[QUOTE=Blu-rayFreak;2499794]as usual, more sensationalist BS from the RIAA spin machine.[/QUOTE]