RIAA, MPAA force shutdown of i2Hub file swapping network

I just posted the article RIAA, MPAA force shutdown of i2Hub file swapping network.

Quakester2000 used our news submit to tell us that the about this
story from the BBC today. A file-swapping network popular with US
students that uses the ultra fast Internet…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11151-RIAA-MPAA-force-shutdown-of-i2Hub-file-swapping-network.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11151-RIAA-MPAA-force-shutdown-of-i2Hub-file-swapping-network.html)

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Those speeds will come some day but they will only be one way. We’ll end up with 56k upload speeds so we can’t ‘infringe’.

Any net company that would even say the word 56K would last about 10 seconds:)

Geez, another sharing service bites the dust, and for once it’s one I haven’t already been using. :*

umm I2 stands for “Internet2” ie newer faster better internets . it was edxperimental on a few if that many coledge campuses. and hub well means hub lol. it is/was NOT really a file "sharing service " as much as it was an experiment for the new and improved internet. Frankly i dont see how the **aa’s could mandate its shutdown regardles of whats may or may not have been on it and furthermore it being a closed system makes me wonder just how they **aa’s would know what if anything was being shared ? or did they just take another screen shot of there own kaza again and use that as evidence?