RIAA/MPAA file Internet2 filesharing suit against students

I just posted the article RIAA/MPAA file Internet2 filesharing suit against students.

 DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us "13,600 music files?  Damn, that"s gonna be one hefty chunk of change the RIAA is gonna want! Good  thing their lawsuits go at regular speed."      ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10134-RIAA_MPAA-file-Internet2-filesharing-suit-against-students.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10134-RIAA_MPAA-file-Internet2-filesharing-suit-against-students.html)

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How much faster? Internet2 researchers once demonstrated they can download a DVD-quality copy of the popular movie “The Matrix” in 30 seconds over their network, a feat they said would take roughly 25 hours over the Internet.
well i don’t know where they live, but here it would take roughly 8 hours to finish a DL version of the same disc :g with a quite cheap broadband
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Ok dumb question. 2300 downloads at I think the going rate is $750 each. That works out to $172500 each. I serious doubt any of these people happen to be carrying that much change. So the dumb question is now what.

I dunno how fast your harddrive must be so that it could write almost 8Gb of data in 30 seconds :B Interestingly, discussions at BBR point out that I2 network is supposed to be private, only universities are connected to it, and any other unauthorized connection is illegal. Since the article says students were using the network to trade between themselves then RIAA must have somehow gained access to the network, which most likely was not legal. When asked the question RIAA tried to dodge it, but ultimately claimed they obtained information legally.

I guess the “landmark” Penn State/Napster deal gave us PSU students immunity on this one… other news (posted in the CompSci dept.): The Technology Department of the RIAA seeks a Computer Science or Information Systems student for a summer intern position. Internships with the RIAA are unpaid. The internship program is open to undergraduate, graduate and law school students… assholes.:stuck_out_tongue:

Unpaid eh. Cheep bastards! I guess they are losing so much through file sharing they will be asking for a Government handout soon! Well wash my mouth out if I have given them any ideas, then again we all know the Music/Movie Industry is a Cottage Industry and needs all the help it can get if 'Be Cool" is any indercation!

napster at PSU is the shit! (even thought i still do used Ares)

It is a proven fact that when they scan I2, they are not actually finding real people who are on I2 even if they themselves are on it. Slashdot had a story in regards to this, and the fact that it is such rubbish. Yet if indeed the RIAA or the MPAA was on I2, they have themselves commited and illegal act, and they themselves will be in court over this.

if u could download a dvd in 30 seconds, its impossible to even write that fast to any hard disk, being raid whatever today, sure you can download the file in 30 seconds but it carnt be written to the hard disk in that time ???

you and thyfleshconsumed have a point there. a 10/100 NIC card has a theoretical bandwidth of 100mb/s. my usb 2 ext hard drive has a theoretical bandwidth of 480 mb/s. it takes about a min to transfer 1 GB to it and such. so 4 GB is about 4 mins for me. nice RIAA :g