RIAA moves on to a new target - Usenet

I just posted the article RIAA moves on to a new target - Usenet.

Following the RIAA’s success in the first file sharing lawsuit that went to trial, the RIAA has moved on to its next target - Usenet. The RIAA says that newsgroups contain…

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this is sooo crappy…

So much for this being a free country. if these idiots keep getting their way we will lose the rest of our freedoms.

Way to drag freedom into the discussion Dave. Usenet piracy isn’t even remotely about fair use rights. It’s about getting shit for free. God forbid they start taking away our other freedoms. Like the freedom to strangle a puppy in broad daylight and drink its blood. Or the freedom to rape a senior citizen with a rusty steak knife. Oh? What’s that you say? Reasonable people don’t consider those actions defensible? Advocating for that kind of “freedom” would create a backlash against arguments for reasonable laws protecting reasonable behavior? Yeah. Didn’t think that one through too well, did you? If you want to pirate intellectual property that you never paid for, fine. But don’t bitch about the rightful copyright owners trying to stop you. And don’t muddy the waters of the fair use rights debate by trying to equate your cheapskate ass with Captain Fucking America fighting for consumer freedom.

Correct me if I am wrong, but how can they go after news servers when the postings they are talking about are nothing but jibberish without the proper programs? If anything, I think they would go after the programs that collect and translate the data into something usable ;because without it, the data is worthless. Outlook express can download the files but they are usually encoded with something it can’t translate. Also, what if you have a partial file? Or missing pieces? It is still not in a usable form. Is it still illegal? Binaries on newsgroups are a totally different animal than downloading the the file in a whole piece. For one, the file could be in 50 pieces. Two, the file could be incomplete and require par repair. Three, the file pieces could be encoded with something that requires another program to decode. It is not a simple point and click download.

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Ho hummmm! zzzzzzzz! The RIAA has reached such a level of insignificance that they have become the “mouse the roared”. The RIAA issues one grandiose press release after another while their artists are slowly cutting ties and marketing directly with those who actually make decent deals that protect the artists. In the mean time the RIAA scrapes the bottom of the remaining barrels trying to come up with pots of gold, like they once had, and pushing legislation through congress that will ultimately result in some politicians being fired by their constituents. When is the recording industry going to get it? The public is through with them. They have burned their bridges with consumers who have witnessed their antics. The industry has had every opportunity to become innovative, to build promotional bridges with corporations, technology developers and broadcasters, to build new marketing concepts and to make fair deals with their artists. Instead they bully, intimidate consumers and use this “my way or the highway” attitude when they have no real power left. Keep trying RIAA; You are laughable. Ohhh! don’t forget to investigate those music-o- hold boxes. You might scrape up a few civil suits there.

RIAA’s next target: Your bathroom

Something like p2p is able to be monitored because anyone can join as a peer and see the existing ip’s. How can destroy usenet? If the companies host out of the united states, unless they have a warrant to monitor your internet activity, how are they going to control that. Quite often the US government doesn’t seem to quite grasp the globalness of the internet and that somewhere out there are countries where whatever they made illegal is legal.

A lot of ISPs are removing their nntp servers as they don’t find them viable any longer. This will force users to pay for access to high volume news servers overseas. The RIAA has no influence outside the US (supposedly) so tracking these copyright infringers via usenet is going to be hard.

Running parallel too this story, providers have already agreed to support such action if RIAA moves forward. Comcast is current shadowing the concept by addressing the users connection ability. The cleaning up process will begin by not allowing access too such service through main stream services. If your determined to obtain Copy Protected material, you can. It just won’t be as easy and you’ll have too change providers.

While the RIAA is chasing people for downloading MP3’s on Usenet … child pornographers are dumping images and video all over Usenet. Doesn’t it seem obscene that copyright protection laws are enforced before child porn laws? So, what happens if Usenet service providers are successfully prosecuted? News servers get pushed offshore and out of reach and child pornographers get more freedom to distribute. That seems obscene!