RIAA....Mind Your own Business!



Hello everyone, I just became a new member. I’ve had a idea for awhile and now I want to share it with you, here it goes…Lets say so & so, who lives in Maine wants a certain music CD and someone in California has it, what would keep the person in California from making a copy and mailing it to so & so in Maine and that person mails it to someone in Kansas and so forth?. Like a chain letter but with a whole lot of CD’S of different music/artists flowing thru our postal service. Can you imagine the money the US MAIL service would bring in…WOW. Let the RIAA fight the government???. Would need a web site called???( KEEP IT FLOWING) to request the CD’S with member only of course. Just a thought. Thanks All!!


Good idea! But, couldn’t we just use Gmail? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum Waldo! :bigsmile:


Because the cost of postage is like 5% the cost of a retail CD. So this would not help. Oh, and how can you say “Mind your own business” to the RIAA when you are talking about breaking there own music copyright?. It could not be more there business, in fact, you could not have applied this saying much worse.

There are plenty of good suggestions/arguments for/against the RIAA, but petty comments construct nothing. I am not here to defend the RIAA, I also disagree with what they do. What I don’t like is people making useless comments about them.


/that was a nice flame :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, i’d have to agree with the original post…RIAA are too intrusive! :bigsmile:


listen… if you had your own business and ppl were stealing from you, how would you feel? be honest…

the only reason why “Very rarely” i break a law is because i don’t make my own money yet and it’s a ridiculously cheaper alternative… as soon as i am a working man i’m gonna give whats owed… i’m a software engineering so i would know how programmers feel if they stole content.


nah, its just the old method is now obsolete, they need to stop manufacturing discs and overpriced packaging and offer cd/movies games for $10.00 for a complete album, $1 per song make all songs/games/tv show episodes available separately and together for FAR less than what are trying to charge now, fire all the people in the industry who dont know how to embrace and make the new technology work for them rather than making it work against them. Sure lots of jobs will be lost, but that what technology does, ever see those old 40’s and 50’s movies where people were afraid the “electronic brain” would take away theie jobs? Remember before computers existed there were large Rooms full of accountants and other people doing the work that is mostly done on computers now a days. the biggest problem is not the lack of policing, its the fact that the old was of distribution is dying, no matter what laws they make, no matter how many ripping programs they ban. Nobody wants to admit such a sweeping change has to happen, cause it will hurt alot of people, maybe even me. Remeber them crowing in the old days how BOOTLEGS (which are not to be confused with COUNTERfEITS that actually do rob people of revenue) were supposedly the thing that was killing music? no one buys a $25 live cd IN FAVOR OF a legitimate release thats cheaper by an artist. Bootlegs were always for the obsessed fan who already owned either all the offical product there was or all they wanted. Guess I have tendancy to ramble, sorry about that. I’m just tired of all the misinformation certain industry magazines like to print while ignoring what the problem really is. They like to think its everyone elses fault. If you cant sell a cd that the total cost to make is about $3 (that includes all raoyalties too, not just manufacturing costs) somebody somewhere has a big coke problem and needs to go into rehab…lol anyway I await comments P.S in 1981 before there was an internt, the music industry was in dire straits, they were blaming home taping then, guess what they did to fix it then? Invented the cd and told everyone to throw away their records cause cds last forever, we know they dont, but they do sound better through more repeated playes than an lp would SO you dont have to re-buy another copy so often…guess that “they last forever” thing kinda bit the industry in the ass in a way they never though of at the time…hmmmmm maybe thats why everything keeps getting “re-mastered” even when it didnt need it…and those two disc special editions they always come out with AFTER realeasing the movie sometimes only a few months ago…think about it!!!


Filesharing isn’t stealing, it’s copyright infringement, they’re two completely seperate issues. If it were an artist that was crying over someone sharing their work then it would be a little different but the artists don’t seem to care and the only people complaining are the ones that have nothing to do with the actual artistic creation of the music (well as far as legitimate music is concerned).

As far as I’m concerned the RIAA can fuck off, all these records companies really do is force garbage down the consumers throats, that’s where all their money goes and that’s why whenever you turn on the radio or MTV there’s nothing but the same bland manufactured crap on.